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Changing Gears

I have been writing this blog for 8 months now. The only reason I have done so is to perhaps convince a few voters to agree with me that this upcoming mid-term election is probably the most important one of our lifetimes.

I am concentrating my efforts in a somewhat different direction for the next 2 months. I will not have the time to make regular posts, but will do so when time permits.

I have volunteered to be a Precinct Committee Officer in my neighborhood. The work involves gathering support by contacting residents personally, distributing yard signs, doorbelling with the candidates, and holding small group meetings for folks to discuss the issues and meet the candidates themselves. This work will involve a lot of time and shoe leather, but it provides the opportunity to perhaps turn a few opinions and get out the vote for the general election.

Our nation faces huge problems that have been building for decades and only exacerbated by the present administration and Congress. Debt and entitlement programs are out of control. Inept Foreign Policy is weakening America’s position in the world. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FHA and VA are still pushing “liar loans” and other subprime instruments to promote social engineering instead of intelligent lending. Each is in dire straights and in the process of failing with huge taxpayer bailouts in the future.

“Taxpayers” are only bearing part of the burden. Our children are on the hook for the rest – $13 Trillion in National Debt, and over $100 Trillion more in unfunded entitlement program liabilities. Our economy is trying mightily to recover, but policies and regulations pushed by an administration of academics and eggheads with no private sector business experience are threatening to tip the economy back into the recession. They are intentionally attempting to balkanize America along race and class lines instead of continuing the healing and progress that has occurred since the Civil Rights Act.

The only way to begin to turn this ship around and save our children’s’ future is to flip control of Congress from the administration to the opposition. That will stop further harmful legislation and defund some that is already on the books.

The quote on my business card is:

“I dedicate my remaining years on earth to preventing our government from squandering the future of our children.”

I mean that, I am committed to that goal, and I will work my tail off to accomplish it. There are 7 little nieces and nephews whom I treasure who are depending on you and me to save them from a future we have to strive to prevent.



Meet Paul Akers

What attributes, abilities, and principles do we want in our next Senator from Washington? Who should we select to defeat Patty Murray in November? There are several strong candidates and Paul Akers could well be the one to get the job done.

While Patty Murray has been in the Senate, Congress has spent our tax dollars like Monopoly money. We need a Senator with practical real world experience – not someone who spent their life in a classroom, law office, or stepped up from some state legislature. Paul meets that requirement nicely. He started in his garage and built his company, FastCap, into a $12 Million dollar international business. He manages people, makes payrolls, and deals with government bureaucracies and regulation on a daily basis. He will know instantly many of the unintended consequences of proposed legislation because he has been on the receiving end of such laws for years.

Effective Senators must be adept at patient, civil, negotiation. They must be able to work with people who think radically differently from themselves. We hope their work results in doing more good than harm. Akers’ interesting history shows that he has experience working with diverse populations to get good things done. He served as a pastor in a church in LA for three years. He taught industrial arts to Asian and Hispanic students at Mark Keppel High School. Akers experienced a wide range of attitudes, cultures, and ideals while successfully leading congregations and classrooms. He’s a man of diplomacy and empathy – both necessary to working with folks who have different opinions and desires.

We expect our Senators to compromise on minor issues, but to hold fast to their core beliefs and principles. Akers was raised to live within his means, and pay his bills. As he worked his way up, he dutifully repaid his college loans, but was then too poor to buy the house he wanted. His father turned him down for a loan, commanding he buy only what he could afford. He and his wife ended up with a small home in a blue-collar, Hispanic community. This invaluable experience taught Paul that the American Dream is available to any who wish to work for it; even if one has to start out basically from scratch. He gained the appreciation of self sufficiency, personal responsibility, and contagious optimism; values he holds strongly to this day.

Character and courage are sadly lacking in many Senators today, but Akers has vast reserves of both. Starting and building a successful business from nothing takes character traits like honesty, hard work, and perseverance. FastCap is “Example A”; Akers has done that. Courage can be demonstrated in many ways. There is the quiet courage of facing a political, legal, personal, or business crisis and successfully overcoming it. Akers has been through his share of such challenges. Then there is the raw human courage of placing oneself in harm’s way of necessity. Early in his efforts to build up his business, he flew himself to Europe for meetings several times – alone, in winter, across the North Atlantic, in a single engine airplane. Few individuals in the world have the courage to accomplish that.

We need a candidate who is electable. Akers’s positions are along conservative lines, but not so adamant as to alarm the majority of Washington voters. He is strong on national defense, Second Amendment issues, and spending. He favors the Fair Tax, and has very productive ideas on how to reduce government waste. Akers does not favor abortion, but maintains that the best approach is through persuasion and example rather than draconian prohibitions. He feels it is more a societal problem than a legal one and that driving it underground would cause more harm than good. In a state with thousands of single issue voters who chose candidates on this subject alone, this is a strong advantage.

Please take a few minutes to learn about Paul Akers. He has two great websites; both of which are full of information and easy to navigate. His campaign website link below spells out all his positions on issues, why he is running, and some personal background. His company website is absolutely fascinating – especially for anyone interested in craftsmanship and manufacturing. Click on “Kaizen FastCap Style” on the right and watch true innovation and creativity at work. The man is not only brilliant, but also highly motivational. He will make a wonderful Senator for our State and nation.

Campaign Site:

FastCap Company Site:

The Anti-Pattys

Last evening the King County Young Republicans held a candidate forum for those running in the state primary for the nomination to run against Patty Murray. Seven declared candidates attended. There is an eighth, but he is currently serving in the state senate and it is in special session, so his input was missed.

To begin with – NONE of these men are professional politicians. They all work in the private sector save one who is a U of W Professor. This aspect in itself was a true breath of fresh air. None of them were tainted with years of deal making, log rolling, lobbyist influence, or that sense of entitlement that that seems to infect the perennial office holder types.

The parking lot and hall were packed, with standing room only available to those who arrived close to the meeting hour. The enthusiasm was contagious. It was obvious that the present political situation has grabbed the attention of a large sector of concerned Americans. The candidates were introduced and each had a few minutes to describe themselves and their reasons for running and the priorities they would pursue once in office.

We will not advocate for any of them here, only briefly describe the strengths and weaknesses observed without naming names. The reader is encouraged to follow the links to each candidate’s website, listed below, to gain more information and make a decision on whom to support.

All candidates were strong on reigning in out of control spending, deficit reduction, and entitlement reform. All maintained a high degree of seriousness about national defense. They came from varied professions and backgrounds, with different areas of personal expertise. Each has a particular strong suit and interest in being involved in related subjects and committees once in the Senate. Every one, to a man, would be far superior to the decaying Murray legacy of spendthrift policies and minimal respect for the rights and liberties of American citizens.

Three of the candidates have great messages, but lack in body language and delivery skills. Talking softly and/or holding the microphone too far away adversely affected the ideas they wanted to express. Stilted, or no movement or gestures betrayed a lack of public speaking comfort. The audience found themselves mentally pulling the messages out of the speakers instead of experiencing the power of a convinced and clear delivery of answers on the subject at hand. These men could improve these deficits with some coaching and practice, but personal charisma is vital in a political campaign. They had better turn to and address these deficits immediately or get out of the race.

One of the candidates is very strong in his right to life position. This principled position will doubtless cause some difficulty for his candidacy. Washington seems to have more than its share of very hard core single issue voters fixated on abortion rights. We should love to see such a man in the Senate, but in this state, his views will inflame the “choice” bunch and motivate them to expend every effort they can to defeat him. He will have a very strong base, but that base in Washington is not big enough to put him over the top. Keep in mind that the Democrats quit running flagrant anti Second Amendment candidates years ago because Republicans have single issue voters on that subject that defeat them at the polls.

Another candidate is making it a point to reach out to various minority groups in efforts to convince them their blind faith in liberal governance is a dead end. This lack of support for Republicans among these groups has always been a weakness, and that bloc has rarely been cracked in the past. He may be trying to part the seas without the help of Moses here, but even a measurable increase of minority votes will be helpful. Let us wish him luck and support him in these efforts.

One of the men has a vast background in human relations, communication, and public speaking. He has a great outgoing personality and emphasizes the need to relate to those with whom he may disagree in order to get things done. This is a very necessary skill in the “Club of 100”. Joe McCarthy, as right as he was about the basics of his concerns, ruined his career and life with his acerbic, driven, overreaching and “damn the torpedoes” personality. However we must sincerely hope that the ability to work with opponents does not eventually create another John McCain.

All of these men are an exponential improvement on our present, pathetic representation in the Senate. Any of them would make us proud and advocate for our positions. To a man, they will fight the exorbitant spending, erosion of liberties, and absorption by government of our businesses and economy. They all deserve support. The eventual winner of the primary deserves every dollar we can spare, every doorbell we can ring, and every squishy voter we can convince individually.

We Republicans thought we won this battle in 1994 and 2000, but those we sent to do the job rotted in office and let us down. Now we have to re-fight that same battle with even bigger and more awful consequences if we lose. Let us send the right person to DC and stay in contact to observe that they live up to our expectations.

Below are the names and website addresses of each. Please make the time to peruse these sites, contact the candidates, attend an upcoming forum near you, and bring your friends. By all means, pick your favorite and send him a few bucks.

Paul Akers:

Don Benton:

Art Coday:

Clint Didier:

Skip Mercer:

Chris Widener:

Chris Widener has an auxiliary site also:

Craig Williams:

Fastest Rubber Stamp in the West

Is Patty Murray really “The Dimmest Bulb in the Senate”? The origin of that dubious honor seems to be lost in urban legend, but accusing the Senator of some sort of wattage challenge may be unfair. Murray is a liberal – it’s that simple. Many liberals are intelligent, brilliant even, but their outlook on life is severely limited to the emotion of the here and now. As such she identifies closely with the modern Democratic Party positions on issues. There is not a bipartisan bone in Murray’s body. She lives, breathes, and votes the party line.

Senator Murray rose from a faculty position, fully baked in the hothouse of liberal politically correct groupthink, to Washington State Senator in a few short years. She was swept into the US Senate on Clinton’s coattails in “the year of the woman”, 1992. Her sad sack opponent in the race only provided her a tailwind with his inept performance on the stump. She has been reelected twice since by a constituency from what FDR used to call “The Soviet of Washington”. She means well and has a heart of gold, but her voting record does not resemble anything in the long term interest of America’s future.

Our nation is plunging toward national bankruptcy. The ballooning costs of Social Security and Medicare loom as the destroyer of future generations. Families, especially among blacks have been disrupted and destroyed by the corrosive degradation of liberal anti poverty programs. Billions are wasted on 19th century technology like light rail while billions more are squandered on loopy alternative energy schemes. Public education, rotting for decades, is controlled not by administrators, but the teachers’ unions. Affirmative action, minimum wage, and protected classes laws have begat the unintended consequences of employers avoiding hiring subject individuals.

The Democratic Party and its sincere belief in big government solutions to every problem has led the way on legislation that has proven counterproductive, expensive, harmful, and unsustainable for 77 years. Patty Murray has been a myopic cheerleader for such buffoonery all her adult life. During the 110th Congress, her voting record was 97.5% along party lines; a tie for the very top spot with Richard Durban of Illinois. That is not legislating – it is rubber stamping anything the party tells her to vote for.

Recently President Obama had his much heralded “health care summit” and fortunately Patty was there to demonstrate her limited and uninspired grasp of the subject. The performance was so pathetic, absolutely oblivious of the long term consequences and costs, we should examine it here.

Murray’s banal monologue focused only on emotion with a sad story about a little kid who had lost his mother because she had no health care. It was entirely one-dimensional, never considering the aspects of costs, possibility, efficiency, or reality. All Murray could think about was one unhappy situation occurring at a fixed point in time. Her only vacuous point was that the government has to “do something”. The country, its long term fiscal health and the consequences to be borne by our descendants never entered her mind.

Murray blindly ignores the fact that as the future unfolds, far too many have  claims upon the earnings of far too few. The massive and unpaid for entitlement programs we already have helped ourselves to are presently approaching bankruptcy. Her knee jerk support for yet more government control and spending on an unfathomable 2600 page health care bill can only be explained by her typical liberal preoccupation with the present time. She knows not about history, cares not about reality, and sees not the future. Her only vision is limited to her slavish devotion to yet more big government solutions she mistakenly “feels” would make things better. “Reasoning” out the costs and unintended consequences is obviously beyond her capacity.

The entire future of our nation depends on whether the march of the nanny state can be arrested and rolled back before it destroys liberty as we have known it and condemns our children to serfdom. Murray is part and parcel an enabler of our potential future under Big Brother, and leaving her in office for 6 more years only exacerbates the possibility of the day when it will be too late to stop it. We in Washington have to elect a different senator.

Murray went to the Senate touting her moniker “The Mom in Tennis Shoes” but immediately melted them down and cast them into a rubber stamp. Her hardwired support base will back her forever since they pay no more attention to history and future consequences than she does. It is up to those of us who can see the long term damage of liberal policies, spending, entitlements, and social engineering to send Murray back to a college classroom. There she can damage only a few young minds at a time instead of continuing to help push America off the precipice of dependency, indebtedness and international impotence.