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The Last President

The last President we had who criticized our own people and was weak on national defense was tossed out in a landslide after one term.  His continued derogatory statements, support of brutal dictators, and unending sniping at American policy have relegated him to the status of a bitter has-been destined for the dustbin of history.  Now we have a President who seems to be following the same path with near exponential zeal.   

The Peronistic demagoguery of doctors, banks, insurance firms, Wall Street, news organizations, and corporations wears out welcome mats over time.  The Huey Long promises of handouts, benefits, entitlements, and government largesse are unaffordable for future generations.  The constant apologies for America’s past and apparent disbelief in American exceptionalism grate on millions of proud, hard working citizens across the land.  Continued dithering on vital decisions demonstrates a lack of executive skills. 

We have only had a handful of former senators as presidents.  There is a very good reason that more former governors come to the White House instead.  They have true executive experience directing people and projects and making tough decisions.  Senators on the other hand come from a congenial world of negotiation, compromise, and are used to turning their ideas and decisions into consensus rather than action.  We are witnessing this dichotomy in the present administration.

From the labyrinths of the Daley machine in Cook County, this President and his closest associates brought the “Chicago way” to DC.  Associated baggage included a number of various hacks and camp followers of rather dubious backgrounds and beliefs.  Their vetting process was either totally slipshod or intentionally permissive and a long list of tax cheats, radicals, and various & sundry questionable sycophants have been slipped into positions throughout the government.  When the administration ran out of slots, they tucked more odious characters into instant czar positions.  The Attorney General was the fixer on the Marc Rich pardon.  The White House communications director looks to Mao Tse Tung for guidance.  The regulatory czar believes that animals should be enabled to bring lawsuits.  The secretary of homeland security thinks a bomb going off killing innocents is a “man caused disaster”.  Only a year into this administration, the lights are being shined into these folks’ closets and the skeletons come running out.    

Now we have the skivvy-shorts bomber provided with a lawyer and tucked safely in a Detroit jail instead of being put under the light in Gitmo.  KSM and his closest co-conspirators are now scheduled for a fiasco in a New York courtroom.  A jihadist mole in a major’s uniform murders 13 people while screaming “Allah Akbar” and the Army whitewash does not even mention his religion.  North Korea and Iran are rolling their own nukes with no end game in sight.  The stimulus spending is so far an abject failure based on the President’s own promises and the deficit is three times as big as it has ever been.  We are not allowed to drill for oil and gas in our own country and off its shores while we import nearly 70% of it from hostile regimes that only wish us ill.  A whole valley full of the most productive farmland in the world bakes and dies out for lack of water to make some insignificant minnows comfortable.

This is not change we can believe in.  It is a vile mixture of lunacy, stupidity, inertia, political correctness and naivety run amok.  It is time for pitchforks, torches, tar and feathers.