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New Mosque

So being against the New York mosque plan makes me some sort of a bigot. Well, let’s see: The imam is a mercurial type who refuses to denounce Hamas and says that the US is partly responsible for 9/11. Nobody knows where the money is coming from. 3,000 innocents were murdered in cold blood a couple blocks away by Muslim fanatics. Since that day, numerous attacks have been planned or launched against the American people and our institutions by like minded groups and individuals.

Sure they have a “right” to build the thing, but that beggars the question: “Have they no decency?” Would the families of the American dead at Pearl Harbor been pleased to see a Shinto shrine erected across the bay from the USS Arizona memorial? What about a neo Nazi fundamentalist church next to the Holocaust Museum? Building such a structure where it is planned is a thumb in the eye of every 9/11 survivor, family member, and the thousands in our armed forces who have sacrificed in the effort to defeat the enemies within and without who challenge our way of life. It would be the institutional equivalent of a victory dance, celebrated with great glee by those who hate and wish to destroy America and her way of life.

Most Americans are very tolerant of Muslims and their practice of their religion. However considering the facts below, can we be blamed for being a bit leery about this plan?

There is a small minority of Muslims in the world that have made it clear that they wish to return the world to the 7th century and destroy western civilization as we know it. We try to avoid tarring all Muslims with this vile brush, but we have to wake up and realize that we are at war with a couple million savages. These are barbaric beings that lust for the blood of those they hate and will stop at nothing, stoop to any depth of depravity, and glorify the act of personal suicide to murder and maim innocents of all ages.

What sort of monster sends a woman wrapped in explosives into a religious procession so she can blow herself to bits and kill 40 additional innocents – many of them children? What kind of vitiation drives these subhumans to mutilate the genitals of their women, force them to dress in tarps, treat them as barnyard animals, cut off noses and ears for falling in love, and stone them to death for having been raped? How can “soldiers of Allah” justify holding women and children at gunpoint to use as shields against enemy assaults? What demented interpretation of their Quran could advocate hijacking loaded airliners and crashing them into buildings snuffing out the lives of nearly 3000 people innocently going about their business?

In World War II the world was appalled when Japan sent bombs with human pilots on suicide missions to destroy enemy ships. Now with political correctness tying one arm behind our backs, we ignore or worse yet make excuses for such acts directed against innocent civilians at weddings, markets, mosques, and churches. What excuses will be made when an explosive vest makes a visit to a crowded Starbuck’s near you?

Our government tries to destroy the lives of 3 heroic Navy Seals for punching the perpetrator of a ruthless mass murder and threatens to prosecute CIA interrogators who saved American lives extracting valuable intelligence. The masterminds of 9/11 are promised a federal trial with all the rights of an American Citizen in a public courtroom. Doesn’t anyone remember the Moussaoui trial fiasco? A fanatical mole in a major’s uniform murders 13 fellow soldiers while yelling “Allahu Akbar” and an Army investigation does not even mention his religion. A fresh out of the oven Muslim terrorist is caught trying to destroy a packed airliner and he is Mirandized and given a lawyer instead of being professionally questioned and squeezed for who and how many more are in the pipeline. Heaven forbid a future successful act of terrorism from Yemen, but should it happen; the blood of the innocents shall be on the present administration in Washington.

Our enemies are as evil as any we have faced since the inception of our nation. Pandering to their better nature and appealing for an unclenched fist is dreaming in color, and only telegraphs weakness and indecision. The only thing they understand is a bloody nose. We must continue to take the fight to them and make it hurt at any cost, keep them off balance, and prevent them from finding sanctuary in failed states. The price they have already extracted from this country in lives lost, travel disrupted, and products banned from sale is already exorbitant. If they are allowed to plot, train and infiltrate our open society, we will be held hostage and in fear in our own country. We will be prisoners in our own land.

Defeating these inhuman butchers is the most important priority. It is not health care, carbon legislation, gays in the military, more failed stimulus, or additional federal fingers in education. If this administration does not awaken to that fact soon, their days in office are numbered.