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The Intro

When I started this web log with a tremendous amount of assistance from a loyal and very smart attorney friend, I resisted anonymity. My principles tugged at me to proudly sign anything and everything I wrote. I was convinced to remain behind the curtain for the time being, but still had a very hard time accepting that status. All my work that is submitted to various news publications is always accompanied by my name and city. It made little sense to me to stay under the covers – especially since one of the worst features of internet publishing is the ability of cowardly types to viciously attack without identifying themselves. Click on the link to expose the past status as “humbug”]

The truth finally came out when my attorney editor admitted that she was concerned at first about the tenor and content of what might come off my keyboard. What if my posts sounded like some Lyndon LaRouche stuff, was rude, disrespectful, or full of various inflammatory comments? She was attempting to protect myself from myself in case myself would manage to shoot myself in the foot – or worse.

My main purpose in engaging in this endeavor is to gently persuade a few members of the voting public to see the situations facing our nation, state, and local governments, and the impacts on future generations if these things are not addressed soon. I hope to help them be prepared and motivated to vote in the upcoming primary and general elections knowing the issues and candidates. Observing the direction our governments at all levels are moving in at this time, it is my belief that the fall election – an off year one at that – may well be the most important of our lifetimes.

My background includes combat commands at the NCO level, management positions over the years, line haul tanker truck operation, real estate brokerage, and political involvement as a Precinct Committee Officer, newly appointed. My interests lie in history, politics and economics. I was born without the “sports gene”, so must spend my time watching national & world news, perusing editorial pages, and reading books on the above subjects.

You may go to the “About” section for a little more information if you wish. I sincerely hope you enjoy some of the posts whether you agree or disagree. Please feel free to comment on any and you will see a reply in a reasonable time.

Jeffrey S. Howard
Redmond, Washington


Senator Who?

Washington State has a golden opportunity to replace a rubber stamp in tennis shoes with a truly unique and powerful individual as US Senator.  There are 11 candidates currently in the primary for the Republican nomination to face Patty Murray in November. Any one of them would be an exponential improvement over the representation we have now. Murray rolls over and votes with the Obama Administration nearly 90% of the time. They are squandering our childrens’ futures with more spending, borrowing, and unrealistic promises that can never be kept.

The only way to begin a turnaround at the federal level is to change our representation in DC.  Scott Brown proved it could be done by handily winning a Senate seat in heavily Democratic Massachusetts.  Various incumbents of both parties are threatened with losses in primaries and will not even get a chance to defend their seats in the general election.  It is time to send Patty Murray back to a classroom where the damage she can do will be limited to a few feeble young minds and not the entire nation.

This is the new Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie who defeated Democrat John Corzine last fall.  New Jersey is mired in debt with corresponding high tax levels and is bleeding wealth and businesses at an alarming rate.  Here Mr. Christie cogently answers one of his press adversaries who inquired about his “tone.”

Electing a dozen such men and women to the US Senate right now would be the best thing we could do to serve our nation and begin the necessary steps of reprioritizing our government’s activities before we begin to look like Greece.  Let us get to know our primary Senate candidates and elect someone with this level of honesty and courage.

The Anti-Pattys

Last evening the King County Young Republicans held a candidate forum for those running in the state primary for the nomination to run against Patty Murray. Seven declared candidates attended. There is an eighth, but he is currently serving in the state senate and it is in special session, so his input was missed.

To begin with – NONE of these men are professional politicians. They all work in the private sector save one who is a U of W Professor. This aspect in itself was a true breath of fresh air. None of them were tainted with years of deal making, log rolling, lobbyist influence, or that sense of entitlement that that seems to infect the perennial office holder types.

The parking lot and hall were packed, with standing room only available to those who arrived close to the meeting hour. The enthusiasm was contagious. It was obvious that the present political situation has grabbed the attention of a large sector of concerned Americans. The candidates were introduced and each had a few minutes to describe themselves and their reasons for running and the priorities they would pursue once in office.

We will not advocate for any of them here, only briefly describe the strengths and weaknesses observed without naming names. The reader is encouraged to follow the links to each candidate’s website, listed below, to gain more information and make a decision on whom to support.

All candidates were strong on reigning in out of control spending, deficit reduction, and entitlement reform. All maintained a high degree of seriousness about national defense. They came from varied professions and backgrounds, with different areas of personal expertise. Each has a particular strong suit and interest in being involved in related subjects and committees once in the Senate. Every one, to a man, would be far superior to the decaying Murray legacy of spendthrift policies and minimal respect for the rights and liberties of American citizens.

Three of the candidates have great messages, but lack in body language and delivery skills. Talking softly and/or holding the microphone too far away adversely affected the ideas they wanted to express. Stilted, or no movement or gestures betrayed a lack of public speaking comfort. The audience found themselves mentally pulling the messages out of the speakers instead of experiencing the power of a convinced and clear delivery of answers on the subject at hand. These men could improve these deficits with some coaching and practice, but personal charisma is vital in a political campaign. They had better turn to and address these deficits immediately or get out of the race.

One of the candidates is very strong in his right to life position. This principled position will doubtless cause some difficulty for his candidacy. Washington seems to have more than its share of very hard core single issue voters fixated on abortion rights. We should love to see such a man in the Senate, but in this state, his views will inflame the “choice” bunch and motivate them to expend every effort they can to defeat him. He will have a very strong base, but that base in Washington is not big enough to put him over the top. Keep in mind that the Democrats quit running flagrant anti Second Amendment candidates years ago because Republicans have single issue voters on that subject that defeat them at the polls.

Another candidate is making it a point to reach out to various minority groups in efforts to convince them their blind faith in liberal governance is a dead end. This lack of support for Republicans among these groups has always been a weakness, and that bloc has rarely been cracked in the past. He may be trying to part the seas without the help of Moses here, but even a measurable increase of minority votes will be helpful. Let us wish him luck and support him in these efforts.

One of the men has a vast background in human relations, communication, and public speaking. He has a great outgoing personality and emphasizes the need to relate to those with whom he may disagree in order to get things done. This is a very necessary skill in the “Club of 100”. Joe McCarthy, as right as he was about the basics of his concerns, ruined his career and life with his acerbic, driven, overreaching and “damn the torpedoes” personality. However we must sincerely hope that the ability to work with opponents does not eventually create another John McCain.

All of these men are an exponential improvement on our present, pathetic representation in the Senate. Any of them would make us proud and advocate for our positions. To a man, they will fight the exorbitant spending, erosion of liberties, and absorption by government of our businesses and economy. They all deserve support. The eventual winner of the primary deserves every dollar we can spare, every doorbell we can ring, and every squishy voter we can convince individually.

We Republicans thought we won this battle in 1994 and 2000, but those we sent to do the job rotted in office and let us down. Now we have to re-fight that same battle with even bigger and more awful consequences if we lose. Let us send the right person to DC and stay in contact to observe that they live up to our expectations.

Below are the names and website addresses of each. Please make the time to peruse these sites, contact the candidates, attend an upcoming forum near you, and bring your friends. By all means, pick your favorite and send him a few bucks.

Paul Akers:

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