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It Ain’t Over

Washington had a fabulous US Senate primary race until Dino Rossi tossed a big wrench into the works. A number of inspirational candidates were pounding the pavement and getting known by the voters. A long shadow hung over the entire affair because Dino dithered about jumping into the race.

The other candidates pledged their support to the one among them who won the primary. The campaign was gaining momentum, and voters were excited about having a chance to elect a fresh Senator with new and better ideas. All were prepared to step away from their jobs and businesses to serve their nation in a time of dire need.

Rossi entered the race at the last moment by releasing a long, dull video. He appeared to fear the questions he would face if he made his announcement in front of the press. What’s that all about? The Republican establishment is convinced that an “establishment Republican” can win in November. They’re wrong. Rossi’s entrance immediately killed 90% of the excitement and enthusiasm of tea partiers and others disgusted with politics as usual.

Rossi does not demonstrate the necessary “fire in the belly” to win the race. His performance so far, complete with a few squirmy statements and evasive answers, has been lackluster. Regardless of what Michael Steele and the Republican establishment think, Rossi is about to become a 3-time loser.

The Murray team, with help from friendly local media, is ready to rip Rossi. The man is a creature of the Bush years. Bush-like Republicans are not surviving the summer primaries. Why in the wide world of sports would Washington Republicans, and especially independents, get spooled up about Rossi? He energizes Democrats more than Republicans! Dems will flock to the polls with glee, just for the satisfaction of driving the final nail in his political career. Rossi on the ballot most likely means another 6 years of Patty Murray.

But – “Nothing is over until we decide it is.” Any fresh candidate has a better chance of beating Murray than Rossi has. Remember Bluto from Animal House? He motivated dispirited folks to get back in the fight. It is up to us to do the same!

Warning – some strong language follows.

Two terrific candidates vow to stay in the race. Both have extensive experience in the private sector, honorable reputations, and great accomplishments.

Think real hard about supporting one of these two strong contenders instead of Rossi. Neither have the establishment baggage that Rossi bears, and the Democrats do not have two campaigns worth of research against them. Bush-era Republicans’ irresponsible spending got them tossed from power in ’06 & ’08. Running one of them against Murray is a roadmap to failure.

Rasmussen has one of these men only 10 points behind Murray right now and neither is yet a household name. Give them a little more time and money and they will soon surge in the polls. Put one or both on the stage with Rossi, and he will turn to toast while his name recognition and establishment support will quickly melt into a big pool of tiger butter.

click here for Paul Akers’ Website

click here for Clint Didier’s Website

Pick one, send him a check, and make plans to attend the next event he holds nearby. You will not be disappointed. LET’S GET GOING!


Senator Who?

Washington State has a golden opportunity to replace a rubber stamp in tennis shoes with a truly unique and powerful individual as US Senator.  There are 11 candidates currently in the primary for the Republican nomination to face Patty Murray in November. Any one of them would be an exponential improvement over the representation we have now. Murray rolls over and votes with the Obama Administration nearly 90% of the time. They are squandering our childrens’ futures with more spending, borrowing, and unrealistic promises that can never be kept.

The only way to begin a turnaround at the federal level is to change our representation in DC.  Scott Brown proved it could be done by handily winning a Senate seat in heavily Democratic Massachusetts.  Various incumbents of both parties are threatened with losses in primaries and will not even get a chance to defend their seats in the general election.  It is time to send Patty Murray back to a classroom where the damage she can do will be limited to a few feeble young minds and not the entire nation.

This is the new Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie who defeated Democrat John Corzine last fall.  New Jersey is mired in debt with corresponding high tax levels and is bleeding wealth and businesses at an alarming rate.  Here Mr. Christie cogently answers one of his press adversaries who inquired about his “tone.”

Electing a dozen such men and women to the US Senate right now would be the best thing we could do to serve our nation and begin the necessary steps of reprioritizing our government’s activities before we begin to look like Greece.  Let us get to know our primary Senate candidates and elect someone with this level of honesty and courage.

Meet Clint Didier

“If not now, when? If not me, who?” Clint Didier answered by entering the Senate race. He is giving up his rewarding life as farmer, small businessman, and high school football coach to face the slings and arrows of a political battle. What motivates him so strongly that he would interrupt his life, family, and career to seek service in the US Senate? He understands the past, sees the present, and envisions a future that must be changed before it can occur. For the sake of his children and grandchildren, he must step forward and lead that change.

Clint Didier

(Photo courtesy of: First Impression Photography)

Didier is an early example of an American political and social revival. For 75 years government has grown, regulation increased, entitlements expanded, and education degraded. Elected officials of both parties have promised reform, been elected, rotted in office, and purchased reelection with yet more promises, handouts, and borrowing. The American people are awakening to the impending fiscal catastrophe, and they want it prevented before it is too late.

What is Didier made of? He was a farm kid who worked hard from childhood, honing a work ethic that would see him far in life. His burning desire to play pro football was not about to be denied when coaches told him he was too slightly built. Playing hard and smart only got him part way; untold hours and self discipline in the weight room over the years built him up into condition to compete. He was drafted by the Washington Redskins and over a 9 year NFL career, played in 3 Super Bowls. The skinny kid from Eltopia earned a spot on the national stage with determination, perseverance, and guts.

Didier put his NFL earnings into a farm in Eastern Washington and began raising his family. Besides running that 1,000 acre farm, Didier owns and works a small excavation firm, and has coached the Connell High School football team for 11 years. His dream is to instill the ambition, drive, and opportunity he created for himself in others at an impressionable age. Here is a short bio:

Didier’s prime concern is the self serving, stultifying bureaucracy that has become of public education. He wants to roll back federal and NEA control of public education. Public schools worked well when control was local. They are now failing to educate our children – turning out graduates who cannot compete. This race to the bottom of the last half century will only reverse when control and school choice is returned directly to the citizens whose children are in the system.

Didier wants to reform entitlements before we become as bankrupt as Greece. He foresees disaster if Congress does nothing about our current debt and expanding future liabilities of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid combined with Health Care. It will take courage and strong leadership to face these facts and move legislation to make such programs sustainable, or replace them over time. Pandering to recipients to secure votes has resulted in repeated failure. Didier is a proven leader, and will advance realistic plans to reform these programs.

Like the rest of us, Didier has been on the receiving end of government regulation and bureaucracy. As a farmer, he is continuously forced to deal with federal crop mandates, reporting requirements, and senseless overregulation. In his excavation business, he is always dealing with micromanagement from agencies of all levels. His experiences attempting to provide employment to young people have been stymied by layers of labor laws; the end result of which makes sure no American kid will ever have a chance to learn how to hold a job. Didier will bring sorely needed practical experience to Congress which is needed as a backstop against the many unintended consequences of legislation written by lawyers and academics.

The political left will become apoplectic over Didier’s conservative positions. Murray’s team has been sharpening knives to fight Dino Rossi and should Didier emerge the victor, they will have little ammunition to use against him. Didier has no apparent liabilities other than a small exposure as a farmer accepting some government programs as a cost of doing business. He has a mixed blessing with Kemper Freeman Jr. as a supporter. Freeman can raise money, but the Seattle media has been pounding Freeman for years because he favors cars and busses over light rail. They may not find many chinks in Didier’s armor, but you can bet they will savage Freeman and tie him to Didier every chance they get.

Is Didier electable in Washington State? Washington is filled with knee-jerk liberal voters, many of whom vote for Democrats based on one single issue – abortion. There are two keys to a Didier victory. First; seeing Didier in person is a remarkable experience. He is criss-crossing the state to make his case to as many as possible. He has wonderful bearing, exudes self confidence, and states his positions with eloquence, sincerity, and common sense. Didier has some residual star power from his days in pro ball which will help in some sectors.

Second; between now and November more Washingtonians must become aware of the true fiscal danger our nation is facing. They have to realize that their children’s future is in dire peril and the only chance to save them is to toss out incumbents everywhere and give new leadership a chance. As this awareness rises, Didier’s positions on the important issues will become an advantage.

Didier is a prime example of the Founding Fathers’ vision of the citizen legislator. Their intent was for individuals to leave their businesses, sacrifice a few years of their lives, and perform an honorable duty for their country. It is time to go back to that ideal, and Clint Didier is a shining example of just such a man.

Here is Didier’s campaign website. Take a close look at him. You may be getting to know our next Senator:

The Anti-Pattys

Last evening the King County Young Republicans held a candidate forum for those running in the state primary for the nomination to run against Patty Murray. Seven declared candidates attended. There is an eighth, but he is currently serving in the state senate and it is in special session, so his input was missed.

To begin with – NONE of these men are professional politicians. They all work in the private sector save one who is a U of W Professor. This aspect in itself was a true breath of fresh air. None of them were tainted with years of deal making, log rolling, lobbyist influence, or that sense of entitlement that that seems to infect the perennial office holder types.

The parking lot and hall were packed, with standing room only available to those who arrived close to the meeting hour. The enthusiasm was contagious. It was obvious that the present political situation has grabbed the attention of a large sector of concerned Americans. The candidates were introduced and each had a few minutes to describe themselves and their reasons for running and the priorities they would pursue once in office.

We will not advocate for any of them here, only briefly describe the strengths and weaknesses observed without naming names. The reader is encouraged to follow the links to each candidate’s website, listed below, to gain more information and make a decision on whom to support.

All candidates were strong on reigning in out of control spending, deficit reduction, and entitlement reform. All maintained a high degree of seriousness about national defense. They came from varied professions and backgrounds, with different areas of personal expertise. Each has a particular strong suit and interest in being involved in related subjects and committees once in the Senate. Every one, to a man, would be far superior to the decaying Murray legacy of spendthrift policies and minimal respect for the rights and liberties of American citizens.

Three of the candidates have great messages, but lack in body language and delivery skills. Talking softly and/or holding the microphone too far away adversely affected the ideas they wanted to express. Stilted, or no movement or gestures betrayed a lack of public speaking comfort. The audience found themselves mentally pulling the messages out of the speakers instead of experiencing the power of a convinced and clear delivery of answers on the subject at hand. These men could improve these deficits with some coaching and practice, but personal charisma is vital in a political campaign. They had better turn to and address these deficits immediately or get out of the race.

One of the candidates is very strong in his right to life position. This principled position will doubtless cause some difficulty for his candidacy. Washington seems to have more than its share of very hard core single issue voters fixated on abortion rights. We should love to see such a man in the Senate, but in this state, his views will inflame the “choice” bunch and motivate them to expend every effort they can to defeat him. He will have a very strong base, but that base in Washington is not big enough to put him over the top. Keep in mind that the Democrats quit running flagrant anti Second Amendment candidates years ago because Republicans have single issue voters on that subject that defeat them at the polls.

Another candidate is making it a point to reach out to various minority groups in efforts to convince them their blind faith in liberal governance is a dead end. This lack of support for Republicans among these groups has always been a weakness, and that bloc has rarely been cracked in the past. He may be trying to part the seas without the help of Moses here, but even a measurable increase of minority votes will be helpful. Let us wish him luck and support him in these efforts.

One of the men has a vast background in human relations, communication, and public speaking. He has a great outgoing personality and emphasizes the need to relate to those with whom he may disagree in order to get things done. This is a very necessary skill in the “Club of 100”. Joe McCarthy, as right as he was about the basics of his concerns, ruined his career and life with his acerbic, driven, overreaching and “damn the torpedoes” personality. However we must sincerely hope that the ability to work with opponents does not eventually create another John McCain.

All of these men are an exponential improvement on our present, pathetic representation in the Senate. Any of them would make us proud and advocate for our positions. To a man, they will fight the exorbitant spending, erosion of liberties, and absorption by government of our businesses and economy. They all deserve support. The eventual winner of the primary deserves every dollar we can spare, every doorbell we can ring, and every squishy voter we can convince individually.

We Republicans thought we won this battle in 1994 and 2000, but those we sent to do the job rotted in office and let us down. Now we have to re-fight that same battle with even bigger and more awful consequences if we lose. Let us send the right person to DC and stay in contact to observe that they live up to our expectations.

Below are the names and website addresses of each. Please make the time to peruse these sites, contact the candidates, attend an upcoming forum near you, and bring your friends. By all means, pick your favorite and send him a few bucks.

Paul Akers:

Don Benton:

Art Coday:

Clint Didier:

Skip Mercer:

Chris Widener:

Chris Widener has an auxiliary site also:

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