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Changing Gears

I have been writing this blog for 8 months now. The only reason I have done so is to perhaps convince a few voters to agree with me that this upcoming mid-term election is probably the most important one of our lifetimes.

I am concentrating my efforts in a somewhat different direction for the next 2 months. I will not have the time to make regular posts, but will do so when time permits.

I have volunteered to be a Precinct Committee Officer in my neighborhood. The work involves gathering support by contacting residents personally, distributing yard signs, doorbelling with the candidates, and holding small group meetings for folks to discuss the issues and meet the candidates themselves. This work will involve a lot of time and shoe leather, but it provides the opportunity to perhaps turn a few opinions and get out the vote for the general election.

Our nation faces huge problems that have been building for decades and only exacerbated by the present administration and Congress. Debt and entitlement programs are out of control. Inept Foreign Policy is weakening America’s position in the world. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FHA and VA are still pushing “liar loans” and other subprime instruments to promote social engineering instead of intelligent lending. Each is in dire straights and in the process of failing with huge taxpayer bailouts in the future.

“Taxpayers” are only bearing part of the burden. Our children are on the hook for the rest – $13 Trillion in National Debt, and over $100 Trillion more in unfunded entitlement program liabilities. Our economy is trying mightily to recover, but policies and regulations pushed by an administration of academics and eggheads with no private sector business experience are threatening to tip the economy back into the recession. They are intentionally attempting to balkanize America along race and class lines instead of continuing the healing and progress that has occurred since the Civil Rights Act.

The only way to begin to turn this ship around and save our children’s’ future is to flip control of Congress from the administration to the opposition. That will stop further harmful legislation and defund some that is already on the books.

The quote on my business card is:

“I dedicate my remaining years on earth to preventing our government from squandering the future of our children.”

I mean that, I am committed to that goal, and I will work my tail off to accomplish it. There are 7 little nieces and nephews whom I treasure who are depending on you and me to save them from a future we have to strive to prevent.



You Choose

Look what Patty Murray and the Democrats think is good for America – deficits that plunge us towards bankruptcy!

Whose children and grandchildren will end up paying for this catastrophe?

Unsustainable Federal Budget Deficits

Murray rose from a faculty position, fully baked in the hothouse of liberal PC groupthink, to US Senator in a few short years; swept into the office in “the year of the woman,” 1992. She means well, but her voting record is does not help America’s future.

The Democratic Party’s belief in big government solutions to every problem has created legislation that has proven counterproductive, expensive, harmful, and unsustainable for 77 years. Patty Murray has been a myopic cheerleader for such buffoonery all her adult life. During the 110th Congress, her voting record was 97.5% along party lines; a tie for the very top spot with Richard Durban of Illinois. That is not legislating – it is rubber stamping anything the party tells her to vote for.

Of course, Murray voted for Obamacare and the unintended consequences are now emerging from the closet like Willard’s rats. Contrary to the President’s solemn promise, more than half of the presently insured will lose the coverage they prefer within 3 years. Now she is tuning up to vote for Cap & Trade which will burden job creating businesses with punitive energy costs during the depths of a severe recession.

Murray is blind to the fact that as the future unfolds, far too many have claims upon the earnings of far too few. The massive entitlement programs we already have are nearly bankrupt. Her knee jerk support for yet more government control and spending can only be explained by her typical liberal preoccupation with the present time. She knows not about history, cares not about reality, and sees not the future. Her only vision is limited to her slavish devotion to yet more big government solutions she mistakenly “feels” would make things better. “Reasoning” out the costs and unintended consequences is obviously beyond her capacity.

The future of our nation depends on whether the march of the nanny state and its exploding debt can be arrested and rolled back. If not, it will destroy liberty as we have known it and condemn our children to serfdom. Murray is a major enabler of our potential future under Big Brother. Leaving her in office for 6 more years only exacerbates the possibility of the day when it will be too late to stop it. We in Washington have to elect a different Senator.

Murray went to the Senate as “The Mom in Tennis Shoes” but quickly turned them into a rubber stamp. Her hardwired base will back her forever since they pay no more attention to history and future consequences than she does. It is up to those of us who can see the long term damage of liberal policies, spending, entitlements, and social engineering to send Murray back to a college classroom. There she can damage only a few young minds at a time instead of continuing to help push America off the precipice of dependency, indebtedness and international impotence. She must be fired in November!

Here is a cute description of Murray’s propensity for earmarks, followed by links to two great candidates who should be seriously considered to replace her:

click here for Paul Akers’ Website

click here for Clint Didier’s Website

What If?

What if someone of Paul Akers’ experience was in the Oval Office the day the drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico?

Paul Akers is an experienced executive – not a lawyer, politician, or ivory tower academic. Once the rig burned and sank, it became obvious that a disastrous leak was occurring. All effective executives have a crisis management playbook. First: discover the scope of the problem. Second: Gather your team of experts. Third: Determine a plan of action. Fourth: Implement the plan and focus, focus, focus on the highest priorities. Realizing that the situation was out of control, an executive would have immediately begun plans to solve the problem and minimize the damage to the delicate ecosystems and vulnerable businesses along the Gulf Coast. Here are the ten steps that would have been taken during the first several days of the crisis:

1. Contact every major firm in the exploration, extraction, and support portions of the petroleum industry and request their two most experienced individuals. Problems are best solved at the shop floor level by those with hands on experience – not in some office thousands of miles away full of Harvard MBAs.
2. Travel to the site with these experts and interview all personal involved in the situation from tool pushers to superintendants to gather all facts and ideas on the original cause along with any suggestions on how to staunch the flow.
3. Convene a series of meetings to get as many and the best ideas on the
table to address the situation.
4. Institute planning and design for any and all equipment needed and/or source for
same. Prioritize proposed solutions and assign an order of application so that if one fails, the next is ready to deploy immediately
5. Appeal to any foreign nation with additional equipment and expertise emphasizing that this could be a world problem instead of a localized one.
6. Sign executive orders clearing the way for any direct foreign assistance so as not to delay deployment (Suspend the Jones Act).
7. Meet with executives of BP to hear their proposed solutions and make it clear
they will be directly involved in planning response efforts, but that if a more
promising solution seems to be emerging, that the US will by executive order,
or force if necessary, cause BP to change approaches or stand aside.
8. Suspend EPA authority to allow burning at sea, sand berm construction, and
dispersant usage immediately when such measures become necessary.
9. Assign direct responsibility to one cabinet department head and direct all
inquiries, response plans, etc., to flow through that one center of responsibility
and control.
10. Address the American people and directly confront the problem instead of trying
to assign blame at this early juncture.

This entire process would have been completed and in place within one week after the disaster if a true executive had been in direct charge in the White House. Unfortunately the lack of experience and leadership of the President and among his close advisors allowed the situation to spiral out of control. Only now, two months into the catastrophe are any direct actions being taken.

Paul Akers has the experience, and can turn his business, executive, and interpersonal skills into good legislation in the Senate. The “more big government” experiment has failed and another 6 years of Patty Murray will only prolong it. It is high time we elect a Senator with skills and goals far superior to just rubber stamping party positions and trying to hang onto office. Here are some personal testimonials about Akers. He is definitely a man to consider seriously for the Senate this year.

The Intro

When I started this web log with a tremendous amount of assistance from a loyal and very smart attorney friend, I resisted anonymity. My principles tugged at me to proudly sign anything and everything I wrote. I was convinced to remain behind the curtain for the time being, but still had a very hard time accepting that status. All my work that is submitted to various news publications is always accompanied by my name and city. It made little sense to me to stay under the covers – especially since one of the worst features of internet publishing is the ability of cowardly types to viciously attack without identifying themselves. Click on the link to expose the past status as “humbug”]

The truth finally came out when my attorney editor admitted that she was concerned at first about the tenor and content of what might come off my keyboard. What if my posts sounded like some Lyndon LaRouche stuff, was rude, disrespectful, or full of various inflammatory comments? She was attempting to protect myself from myself in case myself would manage to shoot myself in the foot – or worse.

My main purpose in engaging in this endeavor is to gently persuade a few members of the voting public to see the situations facing our nation, state, and local governments, and the impacts on future generations if these things are not addressed soon. I hope to help them be prepared and motivated to vote in the upcoming primary and general elections knowing the issues and candidates. Observing the direction our governments at all levels are moving in at this time, it is my belief that the fall election – an off year one at that – may well be the most important of our lifetimes.

My background includes combat commands at the NCO level, management positions over the years, line haul tanker truck operation, real estate brokerage, and political involvement as a Precinct Committee Officer, newly appointed. My interests lie in history, politics and economics. I was born without the “sports gene”, so must spend my time watching national & world news, perusing editorial pages, and reading books on the above subjects.

You may go to the “About” section for a little more information if you wish. I sincerely hope you enjoy some of the posts whether you agree or disagree. Please feel free to comment on any and you will see a reply in a reasonable time.

Jeffrey S. Howard
Redmond, Washington

It Ain’t Over

Washington had a fabulous US Senate primary race until Dino Rossi tossed a big wrench into the works. A number of inspirational candidates were pounding the pavement and getting known by the voters. A long shadow hung over the entire affair because Dino dithered about jumping into the race.

The other candidates pledged their support to the one among them who won the primary. The campaign was gaining momentum, and voters were excited about having a chance to elect a fresh Senator with new and better ideas. All were prepared to step away from their jobs and businesses to serve their nation in a time of dire need.

Rossi entered the race at the last moment by releasing a long, dull video. He appeared to fear the questions he would face if he made his announcement in front of the press. What’s that all about? The Republican establishment is convinced that an “establishment Republican” can win in November. They’re wrong. Rossi’s entrance immediately killed 90% of the excitement and enthusiasm of tea partiers and others disgusted with politics as usual.

Rossi does not demonstrate the necessary “fire in the belly” to win the race. His performance so far, complete with a few squirmy statements and evasive answers, has been lackluster. Regardless of what Michael Steele and the Republican establishment think, Rossi is about to become a 3-time loser.

The Murray team, with help from friendly local media, is ready to rip Rossi. The man is a creature of the Bush years. Bush-like Republicans are not surviving the summer primaries. Why in the wide world of sports would Washington Republicans, and especially independents, get spooled up about Rossi? He energizes Democrats more than Republicans! Dems will flock to the polls with glee, just for the satisfaction of driving the final nail in his political career. Rossi on the ballot most likely means another 6 years of Patty Murray.

But – “Nothing is over until we decide it is.” Any fresh candidate has a better chance of beating Murray than Rossi has. Remember Bluto from Animal House? He motivated dispirited folks to get back in the fight. It is up to us to do the same!

Warning – some strong language follows.

Two terrific candidates vow to stay in the race. Both have extensive experience in the private sector, honorable reputations, and great accomplishments.

Think real hard about supporting one of these two strong contenders instead of Rossi. Neither have the establishment baggage that Rossi bears, and the Democrats do not have two campaigns worth of research against them. Bush-era Republicans’ irresponsible spending got them tossed from power in ’06 & ’08. Running one of them against Murray is a roadmap to failure.

Rasmussen has one of these men only 10 points behind Murray right now and neither is yet a household name. Give them a little more time and money and they will soon surge in the polls. Put one or both on the stage with Rossi, and he will turn to toast while his name recognition and establishment support will quickly melt into a big pool of tiger butter.

click here for Paul Akers’ Website

click here for Clint Didier’s Website

Pick one, send him a check, and make plans to attend the next event he holds nearby. You will not be disappointed. LET’S GET GOING!

False Valor

This writer served in a Marine Corps Rifle Company IN Viet Nam for nearly a year and a half.  He was never “decorated,” just did his job as ordered and returned home to start a new life.  ‘Nuff said.

Richard Blumenthal struck a raw nerve with thousands of Viet Nam veterans by “misspeaking” a number of times about his imagined service “in” Viet Nam.  Oddly enough, a number of news stories over the years had also placed him “in” Viet Nam, and he never bothered to correct the record.  He appeared at a news conference apologizing for unintentionally misleading the public and proffering the excuse that he had not seen the news stories.  Now think about this for a moment: A high level elected official for over 20 years does not avidly read and save each and every news clipping about HIM that is spotted and collected by his staff and many supporters?  That belies the imagination.

He frequents the headquarters of the local VFW chapter. Is he a member? If so, he obviously got in by lying about his service since VFW members have to present a copy of their DD-214 Form proving participation in an overseas combat zone. How’d he pull that off – and when will they kick his butt out?

During the Viet Nam war, reserve forces were seldom if ever used in combat. It was well known at the time that if one could join the reserves of any branch, they would serve their military obligation in the comfort of their home state and not be shipped south with a rifle and some C rations for a year. Dan Quayle was pilloried for being a reservist as was George W. Bush. Naturally the reserves had waiting lists of young men who desired to avoid being drafted, but wanted to preserve their political viability for the future. We can be pretty certain that joining the Marine Corps Reserve took a bit more perseverance than opening a phone book on a lark and being put on a bus to Parris Island.

The book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Viet Nam War, in a footnoted statement revealed that fewer than 3 million actually went to Viet Nam during the war, but nearly 12 million state so on census forms. I do not know where these figures came from, but I have met a number of BS-ers and crackpots over the years whose stories fall apart real quick when quizzed up on details by one who was actually there.

In this age of warped moral relativism, it seems lying is acceptable behavior. It was not so 45 years ago when millions of us answered our nation’s call to serve and face the imminent dangers of a hot war. Blumenthal’s blithe excuses backed up by a bunch of effeminate hugs among him and some “useful idiots” (and God, it hurts me to see honorable Marine veterans being used like that) was nothing but Kabuki theatre aimed solely at saving his pathetic behind for an upcoming election.

I have deep respect for anyone who has proven his merit by graduating from Marine Corps Recruit Training and worn the uniform proudly until honorably discharged. I also admire Blumenthal’s record of being strong on veterans’ issues. However it is very hard to accept the apparent intentional embellishment of a decent record into a false, misleading, and fictional intimation of imagined valor.

If the citizens of Connecticut have any sense of decency, Blumenthal should be political toast. Let us hope so.

Senator Who?

Washington State has a golden opportunity to replace a rubber stamp in tennis shoes with a truly unique and powerful individual as US Senator.  There are 11 candidates currently in the primary for the Republican nomination to face Patty Murray in November. Any one of them would be an exponential improvement over the representation we have now. Murray rolls over and votes with the Obama Administration nearly 90% of the time. They are squandering our childrens’ futures with more spending, borrowing, and unrealistic promises that can never be kept.

The only way to begin a turnaround at the federal level is to change our representation in DC.  Scott Brown proved it could be done by handily winning a Senate seat in heavily Democratic Massachusetts.  Various incumbents of both parties are threatened with losses in primaries and will not even get a chance to defend their seats in the general election.  It is time to send Patty Murray back to a classroom where the damage she can do will be limited to a few feeble young minds and not the entire nation.

This is the new Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie who defeated Democrat John Corzine last fall.  New Jersey is mired in debt with corresponding high tax levels and is bleeding wealth and businesses at an alarming rate.  Here Mr. Christie cogently answers one of his press adversaries who inquired about his “tone.”

Electing a dozen such men and women to the US Senate right now would be the best thing we could do to serve our nation and begin the necessary steps of reprioritizing our government’s activities before we begin to look like Greece.  Let us get to know our primary Senate candidates and elect someone with this level of honesty and courage.