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Cool Haircut

Judge Andrew Napolitano is a strong advocate for our rights under the constitution. You will have to overlook his haircut which reminds one of Lon Chaney Jr. in the old Wolfman movies. The introduction and the conclusion are powerful, on point, and should be viewed. He gets off into the weeds a bit in the body of the speech, but it all ties in by the end.

If you have a few minutes, please take the time to absorb Judge Napolitano’s thoughts on the current health care debate.

This is the critical week in which this issue may live or die. If it becomes law, it may be impossible to roll it back in the future. There are far better ways to improve the delivery and payment for health care than 2700 pages of legislation that no one completely understands. The long term costs and unintended consequences could well destroy any chances of our descendants enjoying a better quality of life than our generation.

Please contact your Congressman. The health care takeover is unconstitutional.

Here is the Wall Street Journal article that Judge Napolitano wrote: