Just Too Funny!

I met a wonderful lady recently whose son is a Marine Corporal serving in Afghanistan. She, like millions of us is burdened with an imperious, tin-eared, nanny state, myopic Democratic Congressman. In this case, it is Ben Chandler of Kentucky’s 6th District.

Ben refuses to hold town hall meetings and disparages the folks who want to get his ear and demand he vote for their long term interests instead of rubber stamping the Obama agenda. Eunice is fighting back with a wonderful website showing what a dilfarb Mr. Chandler actually is. One of her best works is a craftily photo shopped video demonstrating where her Congressman is when he should be travelling his district listening to the will of the voters.

Just imagine your Senator (Murray for instance?), or Congressman (Inslee, McDermott, Baird, Larson, Smith?) in this clip. Please accept my apologies as I am not nearly as savvy as Eunice, or I would have blatantly copied her work with one of our current Obama sycophants.

You may want to watch this more than once. The sappy music fits the scenes perfectly and you will get a real kick out of where Ben manages to appear in the photos.

It would be wonderful to find a creative computer whiz that could knock something like this out for those of us here in Washington. Email me at oldironjarhead@live.com if you are that person.

Eunice’s website is:




2 responses to this post.

  1. Thank you, Jeff!!! It is an honor to have my video featured here. It was a hoot to put together! This is a rough fight, and we all need something to smile at. It lightens the load, and helps us carry on.

    Things are heating up in Kentucky 6th District. I’ve written letters to the editor that have brought some interesting folk out of the woodwork. So here we go…becoming more fully engaged every day, and more certain that we all are on the right track! And having a more than a little fun doing it!

    You keep going, Jeff, and I will, too.
    Blessings to you!
    Semper Fidelis


    • Hi Eunice:

      It only takes a few million Lilliputians to tie the Obama agenda in knots this November. Each one of us makes a little contribution, a small nudge, a tiny wave in the ocean. One by one our actions will bump a vote here and a vote there into our camp. We daren’t stop now as our kids’ futures depend on what we can change quickly and for the better.

      Keep up the great work!



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