Changing Gears

I have been writing this blog for 8 months now. The only reason I have done so is to perhaps convince a few voters to agree with me that this upcoming mid-term election is probably the most important one of our lifetimes.

I am concentrating my efforts in a somewhat different direction for the next 2 months. I will not have the time to make regular posts, but will do so when time permits.

I have volunteered to be a Precinct Committee Officer in my neighborhood. The work involves gathering support by contacting residents personally, distributing yard signs, doorbelling with the candidates, and holding small group meetings for folks to discuss the issues and meet the candidates themselves. This work will involve a lot of time and shoe leather, but it provides the opportunity to perhaps turn a few opinions and get out the vote for the general election.

Our nation faces huge problems that have been building for decades and only exacerbated by the present administration and Congress. Debt and entitlement programs are out of control. Inept Foreign Policy is weakening America’s position in the world. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the FHA and VA are still pushing “liar loans” and other subprime instruments to promote social engineering instead of intelligent lending. Each is in dire straights and in the process of failing with huge taxpayer bailouts in the future.

“Taxpayers” are only bearing part of the burden. Our children are on the hook for the rest – $13 Trillion in National Debt, and over $100 Trillion more in unfunded entitlement program liabilities. Our economy is trying mightily to recover, but policies and regulations pushed by an administration of academics and eggheads with no private sector business experience are threatening to tip the economy back into the recession. They are intentionally attempting to balkanize America along race and class lines instead of continuing the healing and progress that has occurred since the Civil Rights Act.

The only way to begin to turn this ship around and save our children’s’ future is to flip control of Congress from the administration to the opposition. That will stop further harmful legislation and defund some that is already on the books.

The quote on my business card is:

“I dedicate my remaining years on earth to preventing our government from squandering the future of our children.”

I mean that, I am committed to that goal, and I will work my tail off to accomplish it. There are 7 little nieces and nephews whom I treasure who are depending on you and me to save them from a future we have to strive to prevent.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Boyd on August 24, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Jeff I was just “introduced” to your blog by a mutual friend with an interest in old Buicks. I agree with every part of your post here oarticularly about the nature of the ongoing real estate problem. When you find a party that will work with “I dedicate my remaining years on earth to preventing our government from squandering the future of our children.” I hope you will let me know! 😉 it’s been a long time since I walked a precinct but I’ve done it in my history for all 3 major parties (in Washington state). Another pledge I like, while not as succinct as yours, can be found on the upper right here:


  2. Posted by Tony Goedde on August 24, 2010 at 9:10 am

    I am with you Jeff. Post the meeting dates. Lets gets some good attendance numbers and snowball this movement to the top. I talk and type daily to try to educate anyone who will listen. To the point of angering my friends and wife. Why? Because not only does my livelihood and the roof over my head depend on it, so does my daughter and all of the little ones futures. I am sickened and disgusted at what is going on in both parties. It is definitely a time of total corruption and government greed that is collapsing the world around us and knocking the knees right out from under a recovery. So I go to work each day trying to keep my head up and my chest out to fight the fight, and I pray to the Good Lord he take pity on us and guides the less educated to really listen, learn and vote smart. We can get beyond this. We can reel it in, but we can not do it alone. I’m on your team coach. Lets scream together!


    • Hi Tony:

      Thanks for the support, and keep up the enthusiasm. You can go to King County Republicans (KCGOP.ORG)and find your legislative district chairperson. Email and ask who your PCO is and offer to help. Every bit helps.



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