New Mosque

So being against the New York mosque plan makes me some sort of a bigot. Well, let’s see: The imam is a mercurial type who refuses to denounce Hamas and says that the US is partly responsible for 9/11. Nobody knows where the money is coming from. 3,000 innocents were murdered in cold blood a couple blocks away by Muslim fanatics. Since that day, numerous attacks have been planned or launched against the American people and our institutions by like minded groups and individuals.

Sure they have a “right” to build the thing, but that beggars the question: “Have they no decency?” Would the families of the American dead at Pearl Harbor been pleased to see a Shinto shrine erected across the bay from the USS Arizona memorial? What about a neo Nazi fundamentalist church next to the Holocaust Museum? Building such a structure where it is planned is a thumb in the eye of every 9/11 survivor, family member, and the thousands in our armed forces who have sacrificed in the effort to defeat the enemies within and without who challenge our way of life. It would be the institutional equivalent of a victory dance, celebrated with great glee by those who hate and wish to destroy America and her way of life.

Most Americans are very tolerant of Muslims and their practice of their religion. However considering the facts below, can we be blamed for being a bit leery about this plan?

There is a small minority of Muslims in the world that have made it clear that they wish to return the world to the 7th century and destroy western civilization as we know it. We try to avoid tarring all Muslims with this vile brush, but we have to wake up and realize that we are at war with a couple million savages. These are barbaric beings that lust for the blood of those they hate and will stop at nothing, stoop to any depth of depravity, and glorify the act of personal suicide to murder and maim innocents of all ages.

What sort of monster sends a woman wrapped in explosives into a religious procession so she can blow herself to bits and kill 40 additional innocents – many of them children? What kind of vitiation drives these subhumans to mutilate the genitals of their women, force them to dress in tarps, treat them as barnyard animals, cut off noses and ears for falling in love, and stone them to death for having been raped? How can “soldiers of Allah” justify holding women and children at gunpoint to use as shields against enemy assaults? What demented interpretation of their Quran could advocate hijacking loaded airliners and crashing them into buildings snuffing out the lives of nearly 3000 people innocently going about their business?

In World War II the world was appalled when Japan sent bombs with human pilots on suicide missions to destroy enemy ships. Now with political correctness tying one arm behind our backs, we ignore or worse yet make excuses for such acts directed against innocent civilians at weddings, markets, mosques, and churches. What excuses will be made when an explosive vest makes a visit to a crowded Starbuck’s near you?

Our government tries to destroy the lives of 3 heroic Navy Seals for punching the perpetrator of a ruthless mass murder and threatens to prosecute CIA interrogators who saved American lives extracting valuable intelligence. The masterminds of 9/11 are promised a federal trial with all the rights of an American Citizen in a public courtroom. Doesn’t anyone remember the Moussaoui trial fiasco? A fanatical mole in a major’s uniform murders 13 fellow soldiers while yelling “Allahu Akbar” and an Army investigation does not even mention his religion. A fresh out of the oven Muslim terrorist is caught trying to destroy a packed airliner and he is Mirandized and given a lawyer instead of being professionally questioned and squeezed for who and how many more are in the pipeline. Heaven forbid a future successful act of terrorism from Yemen, but should it happen; the blood of the innocents shall be on the present administration in Washington.

Our enemies are as evil as any we have faced since the inception of our nation. Pandering to their better nature and appealing for an unclenched fist is dreaming in color, and only telegraphs weakness and indecision. The only thing they understand is a bloody nose. We must continue to take the fight to them and make it hurt at any cost, keep them off balance, and prevent them from finding sanctuary in failed states. The price they have already extracted from this country in lives lost, travel disrupted, and products banned from sale is already exorbitant. If they are allowed to plot, train and infiltrate our open society, we will be held hostage and in fear in our own country. We will be prisoners in our own land.

Defeating these inhuman butchers is the most important priority. It is not health care, carbon legislation, gays in the military, more failed stimulus, or additional federal fingers in education. If this administration does not awaken to that fact soon, their days in office are numbered.


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  1. I was recommended this website by my cousin. I’m not sure whether this post is written by him as nobody else know such detailed about my difficulty. You’re incredible! Thanks!


  2. Posted by Kate on August 24, 2010 at 9:24 am

    Dear Jeff, This is a copy of a Comment I sent to the LA Times yesterday. I forgot to say in it that when I first went to live in Britain in the mid-70s, I perceived Muslims as “those nice people whose corner shops are open from 7 to 11, while British shops are open from 9 to 5 and close for lunch.” What a difference a generation makes. From:
    Subject: Kate’s Comment to LA Times today
    Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 22:19:02 +0000

    The people who took the decision to build on that particular site have told us all we need to know about them. Read the history of Spain.It took the Spanish 700 years to get these people out once they’d got in. Even if you genuinely believe that the individuals currently connected with the proposed mosque at Ground Zero are noble souls who would not hurt a fly, you can be sure the individuals who follow in the their wake will be of a different sort.
    I spent many years in England. I didn’t like the way Muslim men treated me as if I were some kind of prostitute. I I didn’t like the way they implied that I shouldn’t be allowed to even touch a copy of the Koran. I didn’t like the way they always went to the front of the queue. I didn’t like that huge photograph in the window of the Muslim bookshop on Westbourne Grove in Bayswater. It was a photograph of an Italian girl being sexually harrassed on the street by a group of Italian men. The caption read, “American Girl.” I didn’t like the way they tried to make us wear head-scarves when we went to the “Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre” for our healthy eating class, which was sponsored by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I don’t like the way British school kids have to let Muslims hit them without retaliating–because hitting back is racism. Read Mark Steyn’s America Alone.


    • GOOD JOB KATE! Keep hitting on them. Those folks in LA are in dire need of some reality. Maybe they will start learning much more in the new LA Unified RFK school.



  3. Posted by Kate on August 24, 2010 at 5:16 am

    Your blog was recommended by Thank you for calling these people by their real names. Now is the time to push this **** out of this country once and for all.


    • Kate:

      Thank you for your comment and support. We must not hold all Muslims responsible for the actions of a few any more than hold Christianity responsible for the KKK. Both they and the Muslim radicals wrap themselves in a warped version of their religion to justify horrible acts. The question is why in the wide world of sports a supposedly peaceful imam would strive to build a mosque in such a sensitive location. All he is doing is antagonizing the majority of people he wants to convince of his desire for peaceful coexistance.



      • “All he is doing is antagonizing the majority of people he wants to convince of his desire for peaceful coexistance.”

        LOL. The site is where a piece of the wreckage landed, the dedication is on the 10th anniversary of the attack, they are insisting on the site in spite of national protests. Yeah, the motives are completely peaceful and designed to heal the wounds. Watch Arab newspapers once construction is underway and I’m certain the picture will be quite different.

        But the US press will remain blindfolded. How many of you remember all the coverage of Arab celebrations following the 9/11 attacks. Oh you don’t, because no one here covered it. Yet in Cairo, Beirut, Damascus, and Abu Dhabi there were people dancing in the streets.

        It’s very likely this mosque will represent the 9/11 attackers at least in that part of the world.

      • SickofIdiots:

        Let’s hire a good bag-man to quietly purchase some property in Mecca or Medina and roll out plans for a Christian church. I bet they’d love that plan.


  4. I agree. Just wrote something along similar lines.

    In fairness the Imam didn’t say the US was partly responsible for the attacks. He said US “policies” contributed to them. Like I wrote, if we were attacked again tomorrow, I’d have to say US policies were partly to blame. Open borders, appeasement, weak foreign policy, I could go on. It can be fairly argued that Clinton’s weak responses to Bin Laden and his law enforcement stance on terrorism (both policies) contributed to the attacks. I bet you might agree when put that way.

    However, one point you might have missed, Imam Rauf said the building site was “special” because a piece of one of the planes landed on it. Furthermore, it’s suspected the building is getting funding from radical Middle Eastern sources — the people who celebrated the attacks! AND the US government is paying for him to travel around the Middle East raising more money for what will surely become regarded as a monument of Islamic victory by Muslims throughout the Middle East.


  5. Posted by Jon Rickey on August 19, 2010 at 8:42 am

    OIJ, love your blog. I am younger than you but grew up in much the same way, working on a small farm, unloading hay trucks for the neighbors, splitting our oun cedar fence posts then installing. You have a great gift in the way you articulate your points and have gained a new reader in me.

    Good luck, Jon


    • Hi Jon:

      Thank you for the kind words and support. This job does not pay anything except the satisfaction that I may awaken a few Americans to the facts we are facing, but continue to paper over with political correct bilge. Maybe us farm kids are the only ones left who value individual responsibility and self reliance. We had to learn it early to survive.



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