Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President: 

 In today’s dangerous world, we need a President with experience, leadership, and courage. Unfortunately you have shown us little of those traits. Your childhood and younger years denied you the opportunity to grow up as an American man, and that is no fault of your own. Unfortunately, your lack of empathy for and experience of a traditional American upbringing has left you out of touch with those of us who grew up learning the traditions and work ethic of our predecessors. You have never accepted the honor of military service, nor held and survived in any sort of entry level working position. You are bereft of many of the basic building blocks of a true American personality and world view. 

You have never experienced the icy fingers of fear caressing your gut during a firefight when your very survival from second to second depends on your luck, wits, fellow troopers, and the grace of God. You have never sweated out a payroll when your receivables are late. You’ve missed the rewarding feeling of flogging a loaded truck all night to deliver a load 500 miles away at 7:00 AM. You never shoveled cow manure for less than minimum wage to earn enough for a rattletrap car. You missed out on greasing dump trucks on the night shift, and never had the opportunity to start out cleaning restrooms and sweeping floors in a factory. 

 Your education was in the law, and you ignored any opportunity to absorb the lessons of history or the theories of economics. You have never experienced the ecstasy of success or the lash of defeat in the private sector. While you play golf, basketball, and surround yourself with “the swells” enjoying concerts in the People’s House, those of us in the general public dine on Spam and Costco burgers. I can’t put my wife on a 747 and send her to Spain so she can be ready to spend 10 days on Martha’s Vineyard when she gets back. She works 7 days a week and so do I – spreading 4 full and part time jobs between us to make ends meet. 

 I watch in pain while my business venture slides into oblivion and my small IRA erodes as your economic policies push the nation into a double dip recession. This economy is locking up again, and you cannot blame former President Bush. The great construction jobs I created are ending while you pour trillions in borrowed money into the public sector to buy votes. I blame you personally for appointing the ship of fools you have as cabinet officials and advisors for this. You are repeating the gross mistakes of Japan in the ‘90s and the Roosevelt Administration in the ‘30s – both of which failed and lengthened severe economic problems for a decade or more. You are intentionally smothering our private sector with regulations, taxes, and mandates at the same time you squander the wages and futures of our children and grandkids. 

 I deplore your continued efforts to divide the greatest nation of immigrants in the world along race and class lines. Pandering to various groups and attempting to set them against other Americans is demagoguery at its worst. I sincerely hope such actions end up damaging you in the end and not our country. 

 You will leave office with a big pension, Secret Service protection, and gold plated health care for life. I may well end up with 40 years of hard work down the drain, living in a mobile home in the backwoods. I do not resent you for your good fortune – you worked hard to become President and won the election fair & square. I do however despise your policies and the horrendous damage they are visiting on our nation, its economy, and our future. I have dedicated my remaining years to fighting you, your policies, and protecting our children’s futures. 

 I may well end up destroyed financially from the results of your misguided and dangerous actions – but you will never break me psychologically, nor crush my spirit. I am a Marine, I have a wonderful wife and family, and last but not least, I live in the greatest nation in the world. I shall work to my last breath to keep it that way, and you sir, shall fail to destroy that dream. 

Jeffrey S. Howard

Redmond, Washington


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  1. .-~ I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives up to date information ‘:-


  2. After reading Jeff’s comments in todays Investor Daily, I am saddened by the fact that I wasn’t fast enough to have written this piece. I not only agree with Jeff’s comments, but would welcome the opportunity to work with him, and others of a like mind, to throw this administration – and for that matter congress – out of office immediately. We can’t afford to wait for the next scheduled election. We need to act now to save this great country from the socialistic agenda of the leftest elite that are subverting our great Nation.

    I have personnlly spent the past 45 years trying to build a life that will allow my children to grow and prosper in a better Nation and allow my wife and I to retire and enjoy the remainder of what tie we have on this Earth. Now, at 66, I find myself having to continue the struggle. To Jeff’s point, I may also end up in a trailor in the back woods, but I will never give up my fight to keep this Republic strong and safe for my grandchildren. I am still willing to fight for that outcome!


  3. Posted by Cate Cleve on August 19, 2010 at 8:09 pm

    This posting really grabbed me and I want to send it to everyone I know that believes as I do to get them energized. I truly feel that so many of us feel so repressed to speak up in the politically left leaning Northwest as we do not want our jobs and livelihood affected…..that’s how firmly gripped I feel the NW is in the liberal mentality and influence of the media…..but I know there are some of us….and maybe even more than we know, that feel impotent and hopeless and fearful to speak up, but also feel strongly about what is going on here. This is a scary scenario when one thinks about it.
    I am very happy to have tripped across your blog and hope to continue to stay tuned. Perhaps we can all unleash some people and increase the suppressed dialogue…..


  4. Posted by Roy Seals on August 18, 2010 at 7:16 am

    Great letter Jeff! I wholeheartedly agree with every word you said. I spent 23 years in the US Air Force and I feel I wasted my time when the voters were either to damn stupid or had some other agenda when they put this individual in the White House. By many things you point out, it is quite obvious that the guy was not, and still is not up to the task of being the leader of this country! And what really infuriates me, is by his own admission of heavy drug usage while in his high school and college years, he was not eligible to join the military, which he is now Commander in Chief of! I’m sure happy I got my time in, and was out before this guy was elected as POTUS.


    • Hi Roy:

      Thank you for your service to our nation, and your interest in the piece I wrote. I can’t quite determine if President Obama is Jimmy Carter on steroids, or the reincarnation of Huey Long. Either way – we got troubles, right here in River City!



  5. Posted by Jim Sampson on August 13, 2010 at 7:01 pm

    Jeff, great letter. I only wish more people understood what is happening and what is at stake. I wish Obama would see your letter, but I doubt he will.

    Jim Sampson


    • Hi Jim:

      I did send him a hard copy to the White House, which will end up in a basement shredder. He is currently in Seattle tying up traffic for miles campaigning for our frowsey senator, Patty Murray. He is ruining thousands of peoples’ commutes, delivery schedules, and costing millions in security costs – all to “save or create” ONE JOB – Patty’s.

      Thanks for your support.



  6. Posted by Jeff Bowman on August 11, 2010 at 4:31 pm

    Great post Jeff…To bad the Pres. will never see or read this.


    • It is like shooting a BB into the ocean, but it gives a bit of personal satisfaction.



      • Jeff, with enough BBs, we can be quite annoying. That is the least we can do. Thanks for expressing as you did. Also, thanks – – for your service to this country and my familys safety.

      • John & Cate:

        Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I am just a little worker bee screaming at the top of my lungs: “I’m not going to take this anymore!” The most wonderful thing you could do is to pass these posts on to everyone you know. The more traction they get, the more chance they have to make a difference. I have 7 little nieces and nephews whom I love. I do not want to be partially responsible for squandering their futures and leaving them to a life of serfdom.

        Again, thanks so much for your interest and support.


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