Drop in the Bucket

Obama is leaning hard on the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law that was passed in response to the federal government’s refusal to fulfill its obligations. He objects because in his opinion, the law has “the possibility of racial profiling” within it. How about the “possibility” of drug crime, property crime, human trafficking, kidnapping, murders, rapes, and gang activity that it might help prevent? Both his Attorney General and Homeland Security Secretary have admitted they never read the Arizona law after denouncing it for weeks. Obama’s mouthpiece says that the President has read it, but he is still complaining. Obama admits that immigration is a federal responsibility, but flatly refuses to lift a finger to address the problem.

The President  is pandering to the Hispanic vote even though nearly 80% of Americans support border enforcement. Below is one question from a FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll that specifically asks if law enforcement can or should ask for proof of legal status.

35. Do you favor or oppose requiring people to show documents proving their immigration status if government officials have reasonable cause to ask for them?
Favor                        Oppose                                 (Don’t know)
18-19 May 10                    84%                             13                                                         2
Democrats                         75%                             21                                                         3
Republicans                      95%                               4                                                          1
Independents                  82%                             15                                                          3

Obviously President Obama and his Administration are poles apart from the will of the American people on this subject.

Last week Mexican Presidente Felipe Calderon flayed the Arizona law in front of a joint session of Congress. Democrats, including the Homeland Security Secretary, Attorney General, and Vice President arose and gave a standing ovation. These people are so far out on a limb, gravity is about to step in and teach them a lesson.

Listen very carefully to Calderon’s exact words toward the end of the clip: Of the weapons we have been able to trace, 80% came from the United States.” This is true, but only part of the story. Most of the weapons confiscated in Mexico’s drug wars cannot be traced because they came from places outside the US and no records of serial numbers are available. Many of the weapons captured like rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns, and automatic rifles are not sold in the US at all.

Now that you have seen Congressional Democrats making fools of themselves; take a peek at Calderon’s explanation of how illegals are handled in Mexico. The kicker is the last sentence – “We send back them!”:

It looks as if Arizona is enforcing nothing that Mexico is not already doing. Following a meeting today with Senate Republicans, President Obama announced he was requesting 1,200 National Guard troops to be stationed at the Mexican border.

That is not protection; it is merely a face saving pinprick. He wants to look tough while having as little resulting enforcement as possible.


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