Your US Attorney General

Attorney general Eric Holder must have been born with his shoelaces tied together. The man cannot make a cogent statement about anything to anyone on any subject. Apparently a lifetime in the hothouse of PC groupthink has left him mentally two- blocked. Why in the world would a President who is trying to do the best he can for the country select and keep such a pathetic incompetent in the highest law enforcement office in the land?

President Obama and Mr. Holder have lost no opportunity to flail Arizona’s new law enhancing enforcement against illegal immigration. Obama says that American citizens will be harassed and rounded up when they take their kids out for ice cream. Holder insists that the Law will lead to all sorts of awful consequences including the dreaded “Racial Profiling.” He has gone way out on a limb criticizing the law numerous times. Now he gets quizzed up on it by a persistent House Member:

Repeatedly trashing a law that he knows nothing about, never having read it, is pretty dumb; not to mention embarrassing. Mr. Holder also seems to have a huge selective blind spot when it comes to radical Islam and the damage done and attempted by attackers with proven ties to Islam, radicalism, and overseas terrorism influence and training:

Holder is not a moron. In fact, he is “too clever by half.” Holder’s problem is that he is supposed to be protecting the American people – a fact that seems to have a pretty low priority in his mind and his Department of Justice. He is acting more like a slime-ball politician then a law enforcement official. How long and for what possible reason can he stay in office? One idea:

Holder makes an ideal foil, or lightning rod that deflects direct criticism away from President Obama. As long as everyone is stunned by what comes out of his mouth, what actions and/or inactions he is responsible for – no one has the time or attention span to dump on the President directly. Clinton kept the pathetic Janet Reno in office supposedly after she promised to try to keep the hounds at bay on his own legal problems. Obama obviously keeps Holder around so the hounds have an alternative target to bite.

If Obama does tie the can to Holder, be careful what you wish for. The next AG might not be any improvement.


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  1. Posted by Tony Goedde on May 18, 2010 at 4:57 pm

    Yes or no. Radical Islam?


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