Meet Paul Akers

What attributes, abilities, and principles do we want in our next Senator from Washington? Who should we select to defeat Patty Murray in November? There are several strong candidates and Paul Akers could well be the one to get the job done.

While Patty Murray has been in the Senate, Congress has spent our tax dollars like Monopoly money. We need a Senator with practical real world experience – not someone who spent their life in a classroom, law office, or stepped up from some state legislature. Paul meets that requirement nicely. He started in his garage and built his company, FastCap, into a $12 Million dollar international business. He manages people, makes payrolls, and deals with government bureaucracies and regulation on a daily basis. He will know instantly many of the unintended consequences of proposed legislation because he has been on the receiving end of such laws for years.

Effective Senators must be adept at patient, civil, negotiation. They must be able to work with people who think radically differently from themselves. We hope their work results in doing more good than harm. Akers’ interesting history shows that he has experience working with diverse populations to get good things done. He served as a pastor in a church in LA for three years. He taught industrial arts to Asian and Hispanic students at Mark Keppel High School. Akers experienced a wide range of attitudes, cultures, and ideals while successfully leading congregations and classrooms. He’s a man of diplomacy and empathy – both necessary to working with folks who have different opinions and desires.

We expect our Senators to compromise on minor issues, but to hold fast to their core beliefs and principles. Akers was raised to live within his means, and pay his bills. As he worked his way up, he dutifully repaid his college loans, but was then too poor to buy the house he wanted. His father turned him down for a loan, commanding he buy only what he could afford. He and his wife ended up with a small home in a blue-collar, Hispanic community. This invaluable experience taught Paul that the American Dream is available to any who wish to work for it; even if one has to start out basically from scratch. He gained the appreciation of self sufficiency, personal responsibility, and contagious optimism; values he holds strongly to this day.

Character and courage are sadly lacking in many Senators today, but Akers has vast reserves of both. Starting and building a successful business from nothing takes character traits like honesty, hard work, and perseverance. FastCap is “Example A”; Akers has done that. Courage can be demonstrated in many ways. There is the quiet courage of facing a political, legal, personal, or business crisis and successfully overcoming it. Akers has been through his share of such challenges. Then there is the raw human courage of placing oneself in harm’s way of necessity. Early in his efforts to build up his business, he flew himself to Europe for meetings several times – alone, in winter, across the North Atlantic, in a single engine airplane. Few individuals in the world have the courage to accomplish that.

We need a candidate who is electable. Akers’s positions are along conservative lines, but not so adamant as to alarm the majority of Washington voters. He is strong on national defense, Second Amendment issues, and spending. He favors the Fair Tax, and has very productive ideas on how to reduce government waste. Akers does not favor abortion, but maintains that the best approach is through persuasion and example rather than draconian prohibitions. He feels it is more a societal problem than a legal one and that driving it underground would cause more harm than good. In a state with thousands of single issue voters who chose candidates on this subject alone, this is a strong advantage.

Please take a few minutes to learn about Paul Akers. He has two great websites; both of which are full of information and easy to navigate. His campaign website link below spells out all his positions on issues, why he is running, and some personal background. His company website is absolutely fascinating – especially for anyone interested in craftsmanship and manufacturing. Click on “Kaizen FastCap Style” on the right and watch true innovation and creativity at work. The man is not only brilliant, but also highly motivational. He will make a wonderful Senator for our State and nation.

Campaign Site:

FastCap Company Site:


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  1. Heh I’m honestly the only reply to this awesome post?!?


  2. Posted by Kathi on May 18, 2010 at 11:29 am

    Dr. Art Coday is my choice for U.S. Senator to replace Murray. He’s a primary care physician who only treats Medicare and Medicade patients, in their own homes. Yes. He makes house calls! He’s a Harvard medical school graduate, is articulate, keenly aware of the issues and running hard in this Senate race. Paul Akers jumped in late and is spending his own money. Dr. Coday is raising money the old fashioned way. He’s getting small donations from a myriad of doners. When you hear Dr. Coday speak, and when you listen, you’re not hearing a politician with slick answers to complicated problems. He’s not promising the moon. He’s being honest, clearly stating the problems and promising to do his best to be a fiscal conservative. He’ll be someone we can be proud of and someone who’ll tell us the truth. I hope voters give him a chance. Listen and learn.


    • I too belive Art Coday would make a wonderful Senator. I have interviewed and written about Paul Akers and Clint Didier so far and am hoping to do the same with Mr. Coday. I have met him personally and heard him speak a couple times. You may want to scroll through the site and also see “The Anti Pattys” and “Fastest Rubber Stamp in the West” that also address this Senate race.

      Thanks for your interest.



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