Florida Fun

Occasionally a politician will switch parties. Some; like Ronald Reagan or Joe Lieberman do so because of very strongly held principles which they refuse to disavow when the policies of their party move in the opposite direction. Others like Arlen Specter or Rodney Tom switch solely as a desperate means of self preservation and the egotistical need to remain in office. Charlie Crist of Florida is a prime example of the latter.

Governor Crist is a poster boy RINO. His tenure in the Governor’s mansion started out all right, but was soon clouded by his sycophantic pandering to the Obama Administration. While most Republican governors resisted the gargantuan stimulus legislation, Crist welcomed it with open arms both figuratively and literally. This began a serious erosion of his popularity among Republican voters in the state.

Crist is a shining example of the effeminate metrosexual modern politician who loves to play huggy bear. A generation or more ago, the only politicians who physically embraced one another were the Communists. The sight of Leonid Brezhnev planting hugs and kisses on Eastern Bloc leaders was considered comical. This disgusting habit arose in this country with Bill Clinton. George W. Bush continued it, and President Obama has elevated it to an art form. The loving embrace between Obama and Crist on stage when the Stimulus Bill was being pushed was the beginning of the end for Crist’s future political career.

Crist is a Michael Bloomberg without the billions. When he announced he would follow his governorship with a run for the US Senate, his name recognition and party affiliation were wind at his back. Then there appeared out of nowhere – Marco Rubio – a true conservative young Republican with character and principles that Crist sorely lacked. In a head to head Republican primary run-up, Crist’s poll numbers tanked while Rubio’s soared. It was becoming obvious Rubio would win the primary.

Asked repeatedly if he was considering running as an independent, Crist just as repeatedly vowed to stay loyal to his party and run against Rubio. Yesterday Charlie Crist showed his true colors, bailed out, and announced his switch to independent status. This set up a three way run for the general election for the Senate seat.

Crist is a myopic, disloyal, egotistical, destructive dirt bomb of the highest order. Rather than admit his policies, positions, and past actions have garnered rejection form Florida voters, he insists on a third party candidacy. This will split the voters between a liberal Democrat; currently down in the polls, a conservative Republican; currently ahead, and Crist – a milquetoast squishy turncoat. Crist has the principles of a coyote, the character of a reptile, the spine of a jellyfish, and the common sense of a noseeum. He must be beaten so soundly that he never raises his head in the political arena again.

Crist’s bug-out destabilized the race such that this afternoon, Jeff Greene – a real estate billionaire – has suddenly jumped into the race as a Democrat. He has dough to burn, but will probably split the Democrat vote to the point that Rubio will basically be running against Crist. Stay tuned!

Marco Rubio is an inspiration. The son of Cuban immigrants, he has risen on solid principles and accomplishments through the Florida State legislature. His candidacy deserves the same support from around the nation as we gave to Scott Brown of Massachusetts. Here is Marco’s website. I just sent him a contribution. Please consider doing the same. Our children’s future depends on regaining control of Congress in November. Marco Rubio is very important to that goal.

Direct Donation site:  https://www.marcorubio.com/fliptheswitch/

Campaign website:  http://www.marcorubio.com/


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