Generation Zero

“The current economic crisis is not a failure of capitalism, but a failure of culture.”

This is an apt description of this documentary that every American adult should see – perhaps twice. It moves fast, with many vivid images interspersed with narration from a number of individual experts in finance, government, culture, and history.

It basically demonstrates the truth about how the Boomer Generation was raised, matured, and eventually became leaders in government, finance and academia. Not discussed is the fact that this generation split along cultural lines in the 1960s. Here is a trailer from the movie. The generational split is discussed below:


A vivid cultural division occurred in the ‘60s between those who were raised with almost anything they wanted by doting parents and others who grew up having to work hard for nearly everything they got. Millions of young people were sent away to college fully financed by family money, safe from the draft on student deferments. Once away from home, they rebelled, rejecting the values on which they had been raised and embracing the counter- culture of pleasure, drugs, free love, protest demonstrations, and contented living in filth.

These individuals eventually outgrew the hippie lifestyle, cleaned up their acts, embraced materialism, and matured into yuppie types. With their education credentials, they moved up in the ranks of academia, law, finance, and government, eventually attaining leadership positions as the old guard who had experienced the great Depression and WW II retired. Their main flaw was a lack of experiencing any hardship, and a narcissistic expectation of good times and easy money forever. They became prone to taking huge risks with other peoples’ money; blindly ignoring the potential devastating consequences.

The other half of the Boomer Generation entered young adulthood without the advantages of family money, could not afford college, and millions ended up serving in Viet Nam. Their work ethic enhanced by military discipline, they returned home despised by those with whom they had grown up who had avoided service. They tended to drink heavily for years; self medicating against what is now called PTSD. Most eventually settled into blue collar jobs, raised families, and maintained the value system of the middle class.

Generation Zero aptly lays out the journey of the privileged from childhood to DC and Wall Street; focusing on the root causes of the present financial crises. It is a very compelling examination of how America went from the prosperous ‘50s to the present economic contagion.

Please order and watch this movie. Share it with those you know. This is a story that every responsible American must understand. It will be the most informative $25 you ever spent. Understanding how the economy got to this point will arm you with the knowledge of how to safeguard your future. The link to the site is below:


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