The Forgotten Man

In 1932, FDR referred to “the forgotten man at the bottom of the economic pyramid”, promising “a real economic remedy”; provided of course by government. The concept of “The Forgotten Man’’ is always distorted by some to emphasize their yearning to help the downtrodden. To them, the drug addict in the ally, the slacker on the corner, the single mom with no skills and 4 kids, the dropout on food stamps, or the unemployed who refuse to take a less than ideal job are the “Forgotten Man”.

These people pay much attention to those in some sort of “need”. It matters not a whit whether that “need” is caused by truly tragic circumstances outside the individual’s control, or is the direct fault of his or her own actions or lack thereof. A disabled veteran, a quadriplegic accident victim, a human born handicapped either physically or mentally – those people are in need due to circumstances they had no power to avoid. They deserve support, and programs are available to provide it. On the other hand, one who squandered the opportunity of a free public education, chose crime over honest work, or found means of support by sponging off society has done so out of choice – not necessity. Liberals do not differentiate between the two types.

This piece was recorded 40 years ago, but “welfare” is only a small piece in the puzzle. This is not the “Forgotten man” – he is more like one “Kept Man” out of growing millions:

The original theory was postulated in the late 1800s by Professor William Graham Sumner of Yale. Bear with me here – this is the language of an economist.

“As soon as A observes something which to him seems to be wrong, from which X is suffering, A talks it over with B; and A and B propose to get a law passed to remedy the evil and help X.  Their law always proposes to determine what A, B, and C shall do for X.  What was wrong was the law, and the indenturing of C to the cause.  C was the forgotten man, the man who paid, “the man who was never thought of.”

Sumner’s Forgotten Man is the hard working small businessman, truck driver, waitress, construction worker, or software developer who is taxed to support the ever expanding legions of those in “need” – AKA “X”.

Sumner never imagined that over a century later, government would also be funding counterproductive boondoggles like the Departments of Education, Commerce, Energy, Fannie May, Freddie Mac, food stamps, or HUD. He could not have foreseen the legalizing of Ponzi schemes in the form of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Of course C is facing ever increasing taxes to fund these unsustainable programs also as they fast sink into humongous deficits.

This situation has moved C from the present into the future. C is now made up of young children not old enough to contemplate their future or vote on its eventual stability. Millions upon millions of those yet unborn are to emerge into adulthood as “C”s. Meanwhile the number of “X”s is increasing exponentially with the retirement of the Boomers and the irresponsible actions of the Obama Administration.

This impending intergenerational theft has been orchestrated over the past 80+ years by administrations of both political parties. It is criminal malfeasance against future Americans who cannot defend themselves. A and B must be purged from government. X must be made to expect and accept less. The Ponzi schemes must be made sustainable, and government must do less with less.

Think hard about the young ones in your family, now and in the future. They do not know, do not yet understand, and cannot demand that you take action. Your vote is the only thing standing between those kids and a future of misery. Use it wisely.


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  1. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!


    • Thank you so much for the compliment. Please feel free to pass the post along to others. There should be a new one up on the site every day or two.

      Old Iron Jarhead


  2. Liked the twang and the song. I have never heard of him or heard him before. His profile at the beginning of the video looked like Johnny Cash. I had to take a double take on his name. Thanks Jeff


    • Hi Jeannine:

      I have found it is wise to send the musical choices past both you and one of my conservative lady friends. That way I get feedback from both sides to make sure I won’t violate someones PC feelings. That is why this site has the best and most enjoyable cheap, beautiful, and soothing selections:-)


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