Last Great Hope

President Obama may indeed prove to be the great instigator of “change we can believe in” in spite of himself. History may well remember him as the president who caused a massive shift in American history; sparking another century of American exceptionalism, global leadership, and economic prosperity. Such change will however unfold quite the opposite of Obama’s own vision.

For three generations the US has slid down the path of bigger government, expanding social programs, and unsustainable entitlement expansions. The nation has seen year after year of irresponsible spending, regulatory growth, ballooning bureaucracies, earmark projects, and misallocation of resources. Combined, these various headless monsters of government largess and nanny state tax and control policies have pushed our future to the edge of the abyss. The spending and resulting debt obligations are about to destroy our future.

Change is certainly coming, and soon. The question is; will it be a total national financial collapse, or will it be responsible change forged by new leaders; smart, strong, and principled enough to initiate vital changes through law in a peaceful manner.

President Obama is burning through borrowed trillions by the carload. He is supported in this by a compliant Congress and a cabal of inner circle sycophants with no experience in the private sector. They try to emulate FDR, but overlook the fact that his policies prolonged the Great Depression. Meanwhile Obama squanders his political capital at an alarming rate. Stimulus, Omnibus, cap & trade, health care, civilian trials for terrorists, and gays in the military are draining the confidence and goodwill with which he took office. His recent emasculation of US Nuclear Response Doctrine has weakened our deterrent capabilities.

In the interim, a giant has begun to stir. The 50% of Americans who still pay income taxes are becoming alarmed. Millions of families with little ones are awakening to the fact that if something is not done to reverse this course; their children will reach adulthood amongst a mountain of debt and unfunded liabilities. Gen X and Gen Y are realizing that the Boomers and the Greatest Generation have expropriated trillions of their future earnings. Investors are hoarding gold instead of buying into businesses. Corporations don’t expand fearing the unknowns beyond the horizon like tax rates, carbon regulation, and health care mandates. Consumers keep their wallets shut and save to pay their mortgages or to have something in case of a job loss.

The choice between fiscal Armageddon and a dawning day of economic prosperity rests entirely upon the giant mentioned above. Its members must unite and vote into office driven, principled candidates who will stop the present administration and its actions stone cold. These new representatives must reform entitlement programs into self sustaining entities no matter who complains. Lower benefits and a later retirement age are better than default and no benefits. They have to blockade the out of control spending and address the massive deficit. Everything from replacing sand on California beaches to entire cabinet departments must be eliminated.

Cutting federal spending has to be the first step. Reagan and Bush 43 both lowered taxes but did not reign in spending. The “starving the monster” theory did not work – it just borrowed to sustain itself. The monster must be domesticated or dismembered. Fresh leadership is needed in Congress to halt the fiscal bleeding. Such action will translate into knowledge that taxes will not have to rise, draconian mandates and regulation will be forestalled, and the debt danger will be addressed. Consumers and business will gain confidence knowing that impending financial disaster has been averted. Private investment will increase, hiring will go up, and the unemployment rate will sink.

The next seven months may be the last, best chance for America as we know it and wish it to stay; that shining city on a hill, the destination, opportunity, and home of all those who “yearn to breathe free.”


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