Tyrants or Morons?

Here are four shining examples of the mixture of tyrants, dolts, and unapologetic dirt bombs currently in office who are causing the fiscal and societal rot that is destroying our children’s futures.

Steve Cohen if Tennessee loathes the opposition to the Health Care Bill and fights back by accusing them of racism, rioting, and stupidity. Instead of debating the merits of his position, he stoops to personal attacks against his opponents. “What is a conservative who is winning an argument with a liberal? A bigot”

Phil Hare of Illinois obviously knows not nor cares not about our Founding Documents and what is contained in them. The man took an oath to “preserve, defend, and protect the Constitution of The United States”. This proves his word is worthless. He may be the world’s only living brain transplant donor.

Hank Johnson of Georgia demonstrates his knowledge of geography declaring that putting 8000 Marines on Guam will cause it to “tip over”. This is one for the ages. How could such an idiot ever attain public office?

Just to be fair to women, we have to revisit our own Patty Murray extolling the virtues of Osama Bin Laden. She may be just incredibly naive, or dumber than a bucket of dirt. At any rate, her pathetic performance in office makes her long overdue for a new job somewhere else. Please excuse the fact that the only copy of these remarks is from an old campaign ad.


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