Obama plays Major Kong

Why does the Health Care vote remind us so much of Dr. Strangelove? Consider the parallels:

Pilot Obama leads his crew into the sky with the specific intent to pass a Health Care Bill that will insure all 46,000,000 Americans and illegal immigrants with a generous public option which amounts to an eventual complete government takeover. His primary target is a single payer system as in Britain and Canada.  Picture these crewmen as your Senators and Congressmen:

On the way, Obama’s bomber is damaged by a missile, loses some engines and begins hemorrhaging fuel. This is the Senate Bill passed on Christmas Eve that stripped the public option and added the Louisiana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback and other deals. The Senate Bill becomes the secondary target.

About this time, the commanders, AKA the American people, begin an effort to recall the bomber to base. The mission has been scrubbed. This is equivalent to the rising nationwide anger against the Bill, the dropping poll numbers, Tea Party demonstrations, and the elections in New Jersey and Virginia. Obama’s radio is out and he cannot hear or intentionally ignores their multiple attempts to reach him and his crew. He continues toward the secondary target.

The fuel loss becomes dire; there is no possibility of a return to safety after the target is hit. This is the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Obama is determined to reach his goal even as his crew shows serious signs of doubts and anxiety. The shaky members of the House have to be treated to several individual and group courage-enhancing meetings. They are threatened and bribed to stay the course despite constituent anger and plummeting poll numbers. Each one gets 20 pieces of silver to assuage their concerns and bring back to their districts:

Over the target, the bomb bay doors refuse to open. Against all odds and against polls showing 55% to 35% disapproval, Obama heroically forces the doors to open. Ignoring the massive evidence that the mission is impossible, he assaults the legislative wiring and finally manages to find success on the secondary target. Unfortunately, he and his crew are sacrificed in the process.

A bit of history: From 1994 through 2006, the Republicans in Congress managed to abandon their principles and soil their reputation with voters, leading to a sound rejection by the American people. They successfully completed their self immolation in 2008 with the election of a Democrat President and large Democratic majorities in House and Senate.

In approximately 1/10th of that time, the Obama Administration has done the same to the Democratic Party. Congress’ approval ratings are in the mid-teens. Obama’s have fallen to 45%, only held that high because the American people generally like him and want him to succeed. In the meantime, he continues to shoot himself in the foot by pushing legislation distrusted and disliked by the vast majority of voters.

The final episode – 21 MAR 10 – Obama signs a last minute Executive Order buying the votes of Bart Stupak and his group, securing the Bill of passage in the House.

Nancy, Harry, Steny, we shall be turning you out of office soon. As we say in the Marine Corps: “Pack your seabags!”

* If you enjoyed this satirical view as much as I enjoyed composing it, please pass it along.


Old Iron Jarhead


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