Bye Bye Doctors

If Obamacare passes, the next time you see him, your family doctor may be driving a school bus!

The Medicus Firm* recently polled more than 1,000 practicing physicians on their opinions and future plans if the Health Care Bill becomes law.

The absolutely frightening and shocking results are that approximately 46% feel that they will be forced to discontinue practice through early retirement or a career change if the bill passes. The survey is copyrighted, but an easily read synopsis of the results is available here:

This is just one example of the poorly understood unintended consequences of 2700+/- pages of misguided, unread, and hysterical legislation that will doubtless create far more problems than it solves.

Please contact your Congressman again and again and ask your friends to do likewise. This lunacy must be stopped.

Thank You.

* The Medicus Firm is a respected physician search and retainment company with offices in Dallas and Atlanta.

** Investor’s Business Daily conducted a similar poll in August, 2009 with 1376 responses and came to almost identical conclusions. The report was panned in the press at the time. The Medicus poll confirms the IBD results.

Here is a letter I just faxed to my Congressman and two others that are on the fence. If you have a moment, please copy & paste it into an email or fax to your representative.

Dear Congressman Inslee:

Please consider the majority opinions of the American people and vote “NO” on this monstrous health Care Bill. The expense over time and unintended consequences will be devastating.

You would serve your constituents much better by doing the necessary work to reform health care one step at a time.



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