America’s Uninsured

46,300,000 Uninsured according to U.S. Census 2008

– 14,000,000 Eligible for public programs such as Medicaid, S-CHIP, but not signed up
– 9,100,000 Non-poor uninsured, individuals earning over $75,000 annually
– 5,700,000 Short-term Uninsured
– 5,600,000 Undocumented Immigrants
= 11,900,000 Real Uninsured Americans

(This is a very liberal interpretation as other surveys put the true uninsured at more like 6,000,000)

If you absorb this carefully, you will agree that the “46 million uninsured” figure is true, but only 25% of those folks have any real problem. The rest either do not belong here in the first place since they are in the country illegally, or they can easily afford insurance and refuse to sign up. The other bunch is eligible for government insurance but do not bother to join. That leaves us with only about 12,000,000 with a true problem that we should address.

Screwing up the system completely with a 2700 page bill that no one understands or can see the unintended consequences of is insane. The government jumping in to control 17% of our national economy to assuage the difficulties of less than 4% of the population is a mistake. The government can’t run anything efficiently and never will.

The Congress and the administration should address this problem one step at a time with common sense legislation that is easily understood and administered dealing with each of several issues separately.

Please take the time to write, call, email, or FAX your Congressmen and Senators and firmly demand they vote against this legislation. The problems with health care can best be fixed dealing with one understandable issue at a time. 2700 pages of legislation written behind closed doors by politicians, special interests, and lawyers is nothing but a recipe for mayhem.

Ruining the coverage of 85% of Americans to solve the problems of less than 4% of the population is ridiculous and must be stopped.


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