Last Chance

Last Chance

The Obama administration has made it clear they intend to jam their 2700 page health care bill into a dark place no matter what the polls say. The majority of Americans understand that “somthin’ fer nuthin” will in reality create chaos. This huge new Ponzi scheme will only add yet another unaffordable “entitlement” to the already failing Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs. It will just bury our children under another layer of smothering debt.

The President is pushing this for only one reason – to avoid a political loss of power. It is laced with subterfuge, double counting, and side deals outside the bill to make the math seem believable. Similar attempts on a state level have already backfired in Washington, Hawaii, and are nearing failure in Massachusetts. The British and Canadian systems are so bad that those who can afford to come to the US for serious treatment.

Please take a few minutes, Google your Senators and Representatives, and email, call or FAX them with a big, loud “NO!”

We all agree that the health care system needs some attention, but turning it into a government “one size fits all” program run from DC is asking for nothing but trouble, uncontrollable costs, and the equal distribution of misery.

Bill Clinton used the term “it’s for the children” so many times, it became a national punch line. Now is the time to take a stand for our children and those yet unborn.


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