Bunning at the Bat

Senator Jim Bunning just took a stand on behalf of every American taxpayer and was mercilessly pilloried by the Democrats, the press, and even many Republicans. If this is the way a courageous man is to be treated when he stands up for what is right, the present faces in Congress must be replaced.

The Senate solemnly adopted a bill nicknamed “PAYGO” recently. They agreed that any additional discretionary spending would be offset by a reduction elsewhere or a tax increase. It was in reality not much more than a political fig leaf to protect the Senators from additional criticism, but at least it was supposed to be a start on controlling the near criminal level of spending and debt. Over Bunning’s objections, PAYGO was ignored and another $10 Billion was spent without any offsetting cuts.

The funding was for yet further extensions of unemployment benefits, COBRA health care benefits, and some federal programs. Also included was a replenishment of the Highway Trust Fund to allow some construction projects to continue. The minute Bunning put a hold on the bill, the tempest exploded. He was harassed by news reporters and cameras demanding explanations of why he would be so cruel as to hold up the funds. He was denounced by our very own Patty Murray and many others on the Senate floor. His fellow Republicans held their noses and fled the scene. Jim Bunning, like the little Dutch boy with his finger in the dike, was alone against the elements.

One of the very few Senators who voiced support was Scott Brown, the freshman Senator from Massachusetts. The lesson here is that Brown knows that one of the reasons he was elected was to clamp down on the disastrous levels of spending at the federal level. He has only been in office a month and has not yet been tainted with the DC way of doing business.

In a federal budget with $666 Billion in non defense discretionary spending, The Senate flatly refused to find an offsetting reduction which would have been a mere one and one half percent. Nor would they allow the use of $10 Billion out of the unspent “stimulus” funds. Instead, they insisted on borrowing the dough from China and saddling our kids with the additional debt. This senseless, asinine buffoonery has to stop.

Unfortunately, Bunning collapsed under pressure and folded late in the game. He was off to a good start, but morphed into the cowardly lion. America needs some courageous, principled Congressman and Senators. Will we elect them this November? It is up to us.


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  1. Posted by saampson15010 on March 3, 2010 at 5:09 pm

    Right on! Vote all the incumbants out. We need to remind them that they work for us!


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