It’s a Decoy

Most Americans have great respect for men of principle who stand their ground in the face of strong opposition. This writer, although firmly against many of our President’s policies, up till now had to admit grudging admiration. Obama’s determination and perseverance in pushing Health Care no matter what the polls are saying appeared somewhat courageous for a period of time, but has now taken on different aspects.

Obama is obviously continuing to beat a huge square peg into a small round hole and has been doing so for a year. It reminds one of a housefly trying to get through a window on a sunny afternoon – continuously banging into an immovable object not realizing it is an impassible barrier. How can an intelligent Harvard educated President purposely continue to prove Einstein’s definition of “insanity”? Let’s suppose the entire fiasco has morphed into nothing but a decoy.

Obama came to office with an agenda to accelerate and further enable the transfer of wealth from those who produce it to those who do not. This is exactly what he told Joe the Plumber he was planning. He has managed to triple the federal deficit in his first year in office and project similar levels of spending and borrowing out for at least the next 10 years – even before the health care costs are potentially added to it. This has alarmed taxpayers and set off reactions across the entire country, but the disastrous spending continues unabated. The main reason it appears that spending is now on auto pilot is that the opponents are completely involved fending off the health care legislation. They have neither time nor energy to address the spending fight.

The health care debate is the perfect foil which is blocking effective opposition to the stimulus, omnibus, TARP, and “jobs” money incinerators. This administration knows that the American people are strongly against the idea of government running 1/6 of the entire economy. They know that health care cannot pass Congress on a bipartisan vote. The value of continuing to push it is to keep the fiscal hawks diverted away from spending programs presently running amuck.

Republicans are fighting a small holding action on the parapet of health care. Meanwhile the ground in front, around, and behind them is being overrun with the unsustainable spending and borrowing that is endangering the financial future of the entire nation. As Scott brown gets elected to the Senate, Obama is scheming to spend the TARP funds repaid by the banks on make work, vote buying pork in swing states. As proof that the stimulus has actually worsened unemployment surfaces, voices calling for the termination of the program are drowned out by the cacophony of the health care battle. Fannie, Freddie, GM, Chrysler, and AIG among others enjoy the status of zombie companies which should have been used as organ donors and buried long ago, but instead continue to dine on taxpayers.

The health care takeover started out as a genuine goal for the Obama administration. Sometime in the past several months, they realized that it had no chance of passing along conventional lines. At that point, the prudent thing would have appeared to have been to abandon it and concentrate instead on the economy. Since prolonging it seems so counterproductive in the face of all the evidence, it must have been continued precisely to create the perfect smoke screen to obscure and protect the ongoing catastrophic spending of the administration’s other programs.


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