The Road to Hell

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. America’s highway to Hades was built on liberal emotions with no consideration of history or future consequences. FDR surveyed and graded it with huge government make work projects and Social Security. Harry Truman added the base rock expanding eligibility. LBJ widened and paved it with Medicare, Medicaid, and Great Society anti Poverty programs. Bill Clinton striped it with AmeriCorps. George W. Bush raised the speed limit with the prescription drug benefit.

When Obama came into office all he had to do was load the American people into a huge imported bus, fill it with diesel from Saudi Arabia, and head off full throttle to our final destination. Whether the wheels come off and it crashes, or it finally finishes the journey, one thing is for certain. Our children and grandchildren will enter adulthood in a world of want and deeply in debt.

We adults must not continue to burn through our descendants’ future by generously granting ourselves layer upon layer of “entitlements” to see us through our later years. The Greatest and Boomer generations have set themselves up as the beginning investors in a series of massive Ponzi schemes with follow-on generations as the patsies. Had they done so as private citizens; they would be keeping company with Bernie Madoff right now. Just because Congress and past presidents made these things “law” doesn’t make them “right”. This writer considers them criminal intergenerational theft. These “entitlement” programs must be effectively reformed into entities that are sustainable long term.

The huge uptick in discretionary spending is also damaging this nation. Keynesian theory posits that governments must run surpluses in good times and spend heavily through tougher times. The intent was to use the surplus and borrowing to finance spending increases when needed to stabilize employment. The deficits were to be repaid in times of surplus. Keynes, like Marx, ignored human nature. We now know politicians will spend every dime and more in good times and then borrow to sustain the spending in difficult years. Elected officials of both parties have proven this throughout the past 80 years. They repeatedly buy their way into office promising “something for nothing” and eventually depart leaving the general public holding the sack of unfunded promises.

Congress just voted to increase the national debt limit. The Washington State legislature arrogantly trashed a publicly voted measure that required a 2/3 majority to raise taxes. Oregonians went to the polls and slammed businesses and high earners with additional taxes. California has spent itself into bankruptcy.

DeTocqueville warned of this in the 1830s, and now it is upon us. It is up to the American people to put a stop to it and the longer we ignore the gathering storm, the worse our nation, our youngsters, and those yet unborn will suffer. It is 5 minutes to High Noon. Who is coming with me?


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