One Fat Kid at a Time

First Lady Michelle Obama is to be highly commended for emphasizing the increasing problems of childhood obesity. It is an impending tragedy for millions of youngsters who will grow into adulthood handicapped by early onset of killer diseases like diabetes and atherosclerosis. Her main direction in the “Let’s Move” program is spending federal funds on all sorts of programs to improve nutrition, alter school lunch contents, and dragoon private industry into opening healthy food stores in areas which lack them. Spending money borrowed from China is an Obama knee jerk solution to any problem so this does not surprise us. We sincerely hope Mrs. Obama will address some of the other underlying causes.

The first causal situation is the fact that kids no longer engage in hours of outside activity anymore. In the ‘50s youngsters spent endless hours playing stickball, jumping rope, climbing trees, playing cowboys & Indians, or refighting WW II. These days most parents are frightened to death of the thought of kids playing unsupervised away from the home. Out of the fear of predators, traffic, germs, allergens, or potential injury, most kids are instead parked in front of the tube or plugged into idiot boxes playing mindless games. How long has it been since we saw cap guns, coonskin caps, and old Army helmets on children running around vacant lots and through the woods?

The cures for this situation are draconian, swift, sure, and long incarceration of child molesters of any type. There should be absolutely no mercy shown such monsters and they should be kept out of society for life. Many are the same types that were freed from institutional care in the ‘80s. Their freedom in a large part destroys the freedom of our children. The second need is to drop the PC lunacy and let boys be boys. They are naturally inclined to play act violence whether it be cops & robbers, Star Wars, dodge ball, or snowball fights. Third, adults cannot stay noninvolved in neighborhood situations. They must either confront questionable characters who do not seem to belong, or dial 911 and “nark on a creep” if suspicions are aroused. The Police are paid to control untoward behavior and should be contacted in such cases for the good of all.

The second influence propelling obesity is lousy food. Many parents never learned how to buy decent ingredients and prepare nutritious home cooked food. Others are too busy playing soccer mom taxiing kids to and from activities to which they should be walking. In millions of homes, both parents work and cannot or won’t find the time or make the effort. Bringing home a sack of lard from the rotating bucket or getting a pizza delivered are lousy substitutes for decent meals. Unfortunately many kids being treated to such repast are victims of parents raised on the same swill who know no other way.

Public education and the Jell-O spine administrators who run it are another big problem. Rigorous phys-ed classes used to be required throughout grades 7-12. Wild, exhilarating recess periods three times daily were standard in earlier grades. Vending machines and slop chutes had no place in schools. Phys-ed is seldom required now and recesses have been eliminated, limited, or closely supervised to prohibit energetic activities. In the never ending quest for funds, school officials are pushing junk food, pop, candy and who knows what else over and beyond the smelly mac & cheese or fish sticks in the standard lunch fare.

Willfully blinded by political correctness, parents and school officials resort to asinine euphemisms and counterproductive efforts to foster “self esteem”. One can call a tail a leg all day long and it still is a tail. Referring to a child as “obese” or “horizontally challenged” just requires the listener to mentally translate such terms into “fat kid”. These well meaning adults are nothing but enablers. The sooner all involved face the truth and realize the kid is fat and will die too young, the sooner the situation will be improved – one kid at a time.


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