Chain Saw Al for Congress!

John Murtha passed yesterday. Ted Kennedy is no longer with us, and Robert Byrd is getting frail. The peasants are getting restless about spending, deficits, runaway entitlements, national defense, burgeoning nanny state control and regulation. The stock market is flashing warning signs, unemployment is 10%, and taxes are going up to feed omnivorous government budgets and union public employees. A more perfect storm has not been seen in 3 generations.

The American people may be facing their final chance to write the end to the last of the big spenders. If the republicans can overcome their own tainted past and absorb the lessons of the past year, they can save this country from the fate of Weimar Germany. If they field candidates and incumbents for the November election who are perceived by Americans as “more of the same,” they will not prevail. Should they put forth honest candidates with principles, drive, and courage, this could become a turning point in American history.

Republicans had their big chance in 1994 when they were swept into power in the aftermath of a president who reached too far. They were elected to clean out the brothel and stop the exorbitant spending. They did all right until their leader got caught in a scandal at which point they lost their way. In 2001 with a republican president, they completely succumbed to the temptations of the trough. Those who were elected to clean out the whorehouse became its most loyal customers. They got shellacked in ’98 and again in ’00. They had it coming and now only a year later, they still have that faint scent of cheap perfume about them. Americans know where they have been and are having a hard time forgetting it.

Now the country faces the future with leadership of very dubious capabilities. It is becoming apparent that the Obama administration is floundering. Their misplaced priorities are angering the citizens. Their reckless spending is worrying the markets. Threats of punitive legislation and taxes are frightening investors and entrepreneurs. Bailouts and takeovers along with huge cash transfers to states benefitting only bureaucrats and public employee unions are provoking a grass roots backlash. Namby pamby treatment of vile enemies and rogue states telegraphs insecurity and weakness to the entire world. If these activities continue, the only question will be whether this nation ceases to be a world leader, goes bankrupt, or both.

In our two party system it has been proven again and again that 3rd party efforts usually end up electing the candidate the 3rd party most wants to defeat. Such efforts are dead ends pursued mostly out of ego and not common sense. It is imperative that the grass roots tea party types be heeded and the Republican Party embraces their desires. We need a congress made up of half “Mr. Smith” and half Chain Saw Al Dunlap types. Republicans must select and run such candidates and the independent voters will push them over the top and into office.

The present situation can be reversed, but it will take every voter, every candidate, and every activist working together to get it done this year. Our nation deserves no less. Our descendants are counting on us. God Bless America.


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